Thursday, April 19, 2012

MY Otaku styled hair

Ok first these are in no way beauty shots * blush*

My sister recently came over to touch and  re-gear my hair So now I can share.
                                   My husband said I looked like I was preparing for an alien invasion!
Ok this picture is awful no make up and for some reason I have a double chin eek, but I was having loads of fun with my sister. Two of my sisters helped pick out my hairstyle " something that fits your personality"  Yes Yes I am the odd duck and the giggle a little over my nerdiness, but they love me.You see Otaku s a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests like anime, manga or video games. My sister who was doing my hair loved the challenge of recreating something you might see in an anime or manga series. Both sisters thought it would also fit my quirky personality.  I tend to agree.

All the time and foil was worth it though. I love my new style . Yes Yes I finished and got the internet. I think I'm an addict JK! I was doing some last minute posts!
                                             View of the back

                                           View of the front. Sorry I'm not dressed well in the picture. We finished just in time to get ready for my dance class.

My beautiful sister who did my hair  and me!