Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What's For Breakfast Mom?

   I am probably the world's worst at eating like a normal person should. Sometimes I will go all day with out eating and then gorge on dinner or a late night snack.  I forget to eat,sounds bad but it is true. I get wrapped up in what I am doing for my businesses, for fun, for my family and just forget to feed myself during the day. Then come dinner time I am ravished with hunger. This is not good for my uh "bottom" line if you know what I mean. Lately being in my mid 30's and from a family that has weight issues has really made me take note of my over all physical health.  Which is one reason I dance. As you age your ability to balance yourself deteriorates and Irish Dancing is all about balancing on your toes. It also is a fun way to get myself moving for an hour +. By the time dance class is over I am usually dripping with sweat and this over a year later. On Dance days I always try to make sure to remember to eat at least an hour before class. Simply because I know I will be needing those calories to be able to even enjoy myself. Also now me and a few of my friends are running 100 miles in 1 year. Another great way to get myself moving and sweating. Also to help build up my cardio system and muscles, because running inside doesn't count. So lots more calories needed on running days. Which brings me to making sure I eat on other days.
  Here lately to be a better influence to my kids and to be better to myself I have been making sure that I have been at least having breakfast. I know that it is important that my first meal be healthy and contain all the good things to jump start my self for the day. I also know that breakfast can help set the rate of your metabolism. Not eating when you get up can make it sluggish and at my age I don't need to help it on that front. So my have to meal has been breakfast.
  Since I have been eating breakfast I have noticed I don't gorge at night even if I forget to eat the rest of the day. I can turn down sugary snacks way easier than before. My portions on the days I do eat are getting smaller. I have felt more alert. SO YA YOUR BODY NEEDS YOU TO EAT BREAKFAST!  Something I have always preached to my kids becasue well that is what mom's do. We worry about our family before ourselves. Which my kids have always made sure mom provides breakfast for them in so form or another.....even if it was cereal and milk put out for them.
   Now though my kids have jumped on board with what I have been having for breakfast, to the point of nagging at me to go make it even on days I have made them something special to eat. I have been making breakfast shakes every morning. My kids love the flavor and so do I. Since this flavor is a hit with me and my kids I thought I would share with you what  I put in it. I can't give exact measurements on all of the ingredients because honestly I just toss most of them in the blender and go.

So here it is.Now remember these measurement are approximates and not exact.
1-1 1/2 cups of frozen fruit I use a mix w/ strawberries,peaches and pineapple
 6-9 spoonfuls of Carnation Breakfast Essentials mix.  We are currently using Chocolate flavor
1/2 - 1 cup of naked green machine juice
about 10 cherries  cut and pitted
1-2 tbs spoons of honey
2 tbls spoons of greek yougurt
1-2 bananas
Then I just pour in Almond milk until it over the top of the rest of the ingredients
Then Blend pour and drink

Yes it has sugar in but most of the sugars are natural sugars besides have you looked at the amount of sugar in cereal lately.  No it is not made of with an organic all natural mix but my budget is small and the breakfast mix is working for us right now and has lots of good vitamins and minerals in it. The naked juice has lots of green goodies  in it that we might not get in our day. The honey is a sweetener but also good for allergies and other health benefits. The greek yogurt has a lots of good bacteria in it plus protein and calcium. The fruit is in there for all of the vitamin C,potassium,fiber etc etc. Plus it gives us a least one good serving of fruit. for the day. I use the almond in place of milk for taste and it's health benefits.

Like I said my kids love it and beg for it. They say it tastes smooth and chocolatey, like a treat instead of a healthy breakfast meal. So I think this will be sticking around for awhile. Hey I'm not going to pass up getting in a little extra fruits and veggies and vitamins and minerals and now not just for my kids but for myself too. Frankly we need more as we age and often as adults we just don't bother do make sure we have them in our diet because we get to busy and forget. Another plus very little mess and it is quick. So on rushed mornings this has been a real help get us out the door.

 Well Thank you for reading and if you make shakes/smoothies for meals I would love to see your recipes.