Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday Fun

Here's a little bit of zombie fun to help you get over your midweek blue. Now you can actually buy bullets to see through the zombie apocalypse.

For those of you laughing at those of us prepping for the zombie apocalypse should know even the CDC has a page on prepping and what they would do in case of just such an occasion . Check it out here 

 Now for those fine dinner occasions during the end of the world you could enjoy a glass of wine.
Source: via Autumn on Pinterest

Now of course if you don't happen to survive and actually become a zombie you too will be able to stay up on all of the current trends.

and of course remember

and just remember this folks on this very fine Wednesday.
Source: via Karen on Pinterest

 Cause if you die and turn to a zombie you will see me again only I will be carrying on of these

 Well see now that was fun. Have a great rest of your day!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Please Don't Share!

We have had a really hard week here. It started with a migraine for mommie and then a stomach virus. When it started we thought oh it is food poisoning because  our two eldest came home from a youth group party with tummy aches. Unfortunately it was not just food poisoning. I was abruptly woken by my 3 year old throwing up on me and my bed. Then later as that was finishing it's work through my family my husband thought he might be getting a scratchy throat. As we have been trying to contain this it made think of how many times we tell our kids to share. Share your toys, share your snack( i.e goldfish, crackers etc.) share share share. Now I am saying wait stop. Please don't share my drink, my food, your food, etc. Please Don't Share Your Germs. I do not want any more illnesses this year thank you.  So I am rethinking the sharing thing. The next time my kids are playing in the park and a snotty nosed kid wants a few of my kids sand toys I may just say you don't have to and when the insulted mom says it's just allergies I will look at her suspiciously and wonder if it really is just allergies or if she is just completely oblivious to the fact her kid has some kind of cold and is infecting my child with it ( nice side note learned the hard way if it looks like pink eye and the parent says it's allergies trust your gut). Perhaps the next time I am at the McDonald's Play Place I will insist my child not play with the child who is repeatedly coughing in my child's direction and when that child's parent says oh they are just a little warm and that makes them cough I will give her a crazy look and cough in her direction and exclaim oh I understand I do the same thing and it is so really warm in here.  No I wont really do these things but I will start teaching my children to not put their hands to their faces with out washing them first, wash before eating and after being out ( especially during cold and flu season which typically lasts till May here). I will keep my kids from being the kid that spread the germs. We have got to teach our kids to not share their germs.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sick days are still good days.

Sorry this week had been so slow. I was sick with a headache for two days and then we got hit with a stomach bug. Which we are still dealing with. Hopefully it will stay at 2 kids and not the other 2 or us the parents, but I am fairly certain if it is contagious I have been contaminated thanks to my kids swiping drinks from my pop the night they got sick. YA me.  My poor little 3 yr old has no understanding what is wrong. She started throwing up and decided she was done with it so despite still going she tried to get up and walk away saying she was done. I wish it was that easy it breaks my heart for her.  So that has been my week so far add that to the fact I have to finish getting ready for a craft show. Very long week but I know one of these days I will miss having a little one to take care of. Hearing mommie coming out of a bedroom,being trapped under a body that is finally sleeping or even being asked to just be near. Someday that will be gone and my home will be silent except for the occasional visit. So even these days I have come to be thankful for. I just don't want or need to many of these weeks.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

To Bathe or not?

My 3 year old hates - yes I said hates- being washed especially her hair. Has since she was an infant. You would think after years now of being bathed she would at least tolerate and expect it, but no it is a screaming nightmare for both of us. Now she loves to "play" in a bubble bath, but if I pull out the soap she freaks. I have tried all kinds of tricks like covering her head with a rag, using the rag to rinse her hair,acting like the rag was a puppet, washing her hair in the sink while she lies on the counter with a rag over face, etc. Now some of you are thinking  why not let her clean herself.  Well that is because she tells me things I'm all clean I washed my feet and the rest her is bone dry. Now some days if she has only played inside I do let the whole I'm clean the bubbles cleaned me slide. I know eventually she will be able to 1. understand why she must bathe and or 2. tell me why she dislikes it so much. I just am not sure that day can come fast enough for either one of us. It is so bad that I will admit some days I let her win and she wont have to bathe that night. Honestly there is only so many mommie no with great big sobbing puppy dog tears  chasing the toddler forcing her to get and stay  in a tub of water screaming like she is being beat severely nights one mom can take.  I know I am not alone in this. One of my sisters has a kid who has developed an issue with water being on their head. Yet I sure feel alone and like a mean bad mommie when it comes to bath time. Being mom is not always as what June Cleaver, Carol Brady, Shirley Partridge made it look like. Heck even Morticia Adams made it look to easy and her kids were crazy.

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Bucket list

 I love watching an Idiot Abroad. So stinking funny.  It cracks me up seeing his reaction to the things the other guys put him through.  Watching the show though made me think why not make a Bucket List. Why not set some goals to try and reach before I die? I think it would make life so much more interesting than just doing the usual daily grind till I can no longer go. So I have been trying to come up with a Bucket List. I of course started where I think most people do... Travel. Places I want to see and experience.  SO far the list includes places like the Safari in South Africa, Pyramids in Egypt, Japan, China, Ireland,  France (again), South America, Alaska, Scotland, Greece, Rome, Grand Canyon, Jamaica ( again), The Amazon rain forest and so and so forth. I have chosen so many places so I can always have a goal and there is no rule saying I have to make it to all of them before I die I just have to try. Then I started thinking I need to add accomplishments to my bucket list. That for some reason has been a little harder, but I have figured out a few. I want to learn to speak Japanese and Cantonese, I want to go sky diving, I want to get my scuba diving certification and I want to run a marathon. I need to add more and I am sure I will, but thinking about it has already opened up more opportunities in my world. Expanding my view of the possibilities in my life. I am only in my 30's after all life is not done with me yet and I plan on soaking up every second of it. Not letting the joy of just being alive pass me by leaving me wondering what more could have been in my old age.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dancing ?

I take an Irish dance class with my mom and my sister S. Now I have no ideas of being this good

Though it would be fun to do something like this

And while I am learning the moves I feel like my class mates look like this

While I feel like I look like this

crazy, off beat and doing my own thing and all!

Recently our class has been combined with a kids class because they are fixing the facility we were using and the kids with beautiful limber joints, youth and extreme amounts of energy make it that much worse. Plus when a kid gets off or messes it they are cute while adults look silly. GOD Bless my ever patient  teacher who will go over the same step over and over again for me. Even when she was very very pregnant she was out there showing us the moves.

I promise I will have my husband or my teacher video me and will show you the awful but fun truth of it all very soon :)

And just 4 fun

Working on some new decor ideas with out breaking the bank

I have been thinking about a change and upgrade to my homes very sad style. Here's the thing it so needs to be on the cheap to free side in order to work in my budget. Thanks to pinterest and people posting tips to their blogs i have found some wonderful ideas  i am going to have to try.

I have been wanting a nice ottoman and this looks beautiful and simple to make.

So neat and simple Styrofoam and scrapbook paper.
Source: via Alicia on Pinterest

 Cutrains made from table cloths could be so cute

This is more do able than anything if I can convince my husband to give up some of his books.

and of course one of the cheapest big things you can do to room is repaint it. and I am blessed  to have a landlord that would let me do it if I pass the colors by him first.

Oh and I have been busy checkout my websites new look. 
I am working on some ideas for my new craft booth style. I think I will share those with you soon :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Parent talk

Today in the mix of a day of playing in the snow, housework, neighbors visiting I got a call from my sister L. Which is always a nice treat. We have a lot in common but also she has kids who just like mine inevitably come to ask her a dozen questions while she is on the phone.  It is so awesome to hear some one else actually say because I said so. After our discussion I started thinking about some of the funny and unusual conversations that you have as a parent with another parent. Here are a few I have heard or had with others.

1 My kids have I'm on the phone radar which has caused me to literally hide in my closet or bathroom just to get a conversation out.
2 My kids have the ability to hear the crinkle of a sugary snack in another room so I pretend to be looking the freezer or fridge to eat the snack with out being trapped into giving one to my kids.
3. I am always doing laundry. It never ends. I will wash and dry it and then just leave it in a pile on the couch hoping someone else will want to fold it.( which does not happen not even if you try to make it a game)
4 I only lightly wash over the sides the shower with a rag and cleaner but today I discovered that what I thought was off white is actually white.
5. My potty training toddler spilled pee all over my shoe as they tried to dump their own potty with out telling mom.
6. My potty training toddler tried to wipe their own poopie bottom and ended up getting it all over their bottom and the toilet seat.
7. My toddler asked me to clean their bottom with water because it was itchy.
8. I can clean my house and as soon as I am done with one room the kids have messed it up again while I tried to work on another room.
9. Hold on a second....... you went poop yay..... did you wipe
10. Hold on a second ...... no you can not have another snack
11 Hold on a second...... I said to leave your sibling alone
12 Sometimes I bribe my kids with candy to get them stop throwing a fit in the store
13. I threaten that if they don't behave I will take them to the bathroom in the store and spank their works but I have never done it so I don't know why it works
14. my kids have the stinkiest farts, biggest poops etc.
15 How is that an infant can fart bigger than an when you blame the baby in the store the perfect stranger looks at you like you are awful for blaming your sweet innocent baby for such a thing. that is unless they are parents too then they just smile or giggle with you.
16 and finally hold on a second.... can't you see I am on the phone

I think sharing these things and so many more help keep us parents sane and feeling a little less like this is only happening to me and my kids are ............
So get other and share. You will feel so much better and may just get a good laugh into, just remember the closet is a good place to talk. haha

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Monday Funday

Something Fun for your Monday. These are somethings I'm dreaming of and listening to as I work on my new project something sort of like this

Last week was full of adventure as well but that is for tomorrow's post. So here you go a little something to start the party :)!

Looks Yummy

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

and finally because it is his birthday and I love his music and his island home a little Bob Marley

Oh and I have actually been there and I dream nightly of going back. Loved the weather, the atmosphere,the food and the people. I suggest Couples Tower Isle to anyone thinking of going :)
Source: via HT on Pinterest

Happy Monday. Hope it is a blast :)