Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

I have been out of the loop lately. I have had sickies, a horrible 2 day headache that is still threatening, an addiction to finishing the Hunger Games series and just plain old ordinary life. I have a Baby Bazaar this Saturday in Mustang. I am so excited. I will be doing the show with Two of my sisters. My sisters L and S. We each have our own things we do and are each expanding on the different items we make and carry. S does adorable sewn hats and pictures. While L does T-shirt scarves and hair bows. Then there is me with tutus, knitted items and more. I love that I am going to get to do a show with them. They are so much fun to hang out with and really the shows are perfect excuses to get to hang out for a few hours. Plus make a little money hopefully :) You should come out and see us. We are all about as different as night and day but you will find lots of smiles and laughs at our table. We each have different names for our businesses but we have a group name Hot Ta-mommies.Our kids gave us the idea. We are building an awesome booth since we are going to be doing a lot more shows. I will of course keep posting them on my website so all my local buddies can find me.I will have to post some pictures after all our fun this weekend.
Till then here's a little fun. This is me with my sisters L and S. We took these photos at Glamor Shots with our mom for her Birthday. Needless to say they weren't all serious pictures.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A mom's care is not just for her kids

I have realized that a mom's duty does not always stop with the care of her children. Sometimes  she has to also care for her children's pet.  Today I had to help my daughter with her turtle. Now caring for this silly turtle has turned into a bigger task than we understood it to be. My husband was in our kids room and discovered my daughters pet turtle ( a new pet from her grandparents for her birthday a few months ago) was not in his usual position and had not been in the water for awhile.Pushing the kids out  in to the living room under the claim we needed to talk alone for a moment we went back into the room to investigate the situation further because if this turtle had died our little Claire-Bear was going to be devastated. Closer inspection revealed he was alive but his water was cold. So my husband made up some warm turtle water  and added it to his cage to test to see if that was his problem. Sure enough he promptly gets up and goes into the water.  We decide to clean his cage and fill it with new warm  turtle water. While my husband is cleaning the cage I stood watch  over our little turtle friend because the 3 yr old is very tempted to touch him.  While sitting there I notice his shell looks unusually green. This prompts me to rub his shell with a wet paper towel when it came away green I knew we had another problem beyond cold water. So to the internet I go to find answers. What do I find?  Care for this little guy has gotten more interesting than we  previously had  thought.  I had to take an old toothbrush, salt and  gently scrub the turtle's little shell. I did this until he started trying to bite me and the brush. He is now mostly clean and back to his normal green. We also learned he needed to be moved to a sunny area, a better basking light, a water filter, a better dock, and a water heater while I was looking up what to do about his shell.  So today we went and priced all of this and it will be $50 - $60  at least on top of  everything we have already gotten for his care. Guess what we are going to getting when we get paid next?  You got it $50 -$60 of turtle care items and why because the thought of  the eyes of our beautiful little girl's eyes being filled with tears over a dead turtle would be to much for us.  Especially when she has done everything she was told to do in order to take care of turtle. We have been very proud of her.

This is Claire-Bear's turtle. It's name is Ushio ( which is supposed to have the character for ocean).He is very small and young.

young and restless

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Madness

 My fave game aside from anything zombie is World of Warcraft. I know big shocker not only am I girl who is a gamer but I also have kids and I'm a wife. Wont hold me back from thrashing a  zombie to a pulp or giving a good whooping to a nasty little Horde member. World of Warcraft is an MMORPG  ( Massive  Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). You do have to buy the game and time for online game time which can be costly but if you watch Blizzard's store you can score some awesome deals at times. Now there are those who are thinking it is a fancy version of Dungeons and Dragons but it is so much more. You can chose if you want to even play against other people or the game. You have the option to go rogue and do it alone or join up with friends and master the world as a team. You have the option of not only a character type but whether you are good or bad ( Alliance or Horde). You can even have one of both.You can meet new people from all over and most of them are more than happy to help out another player. There are battles,dungeons,quests and professions all waiting for you at different levels. The game it's self is constantly evolving and growing. the scenery is amazing and the characters are too. Especially when you consider who ever it is that is building is not seeing what you are seeing but code that translated into what you are seeing and doing.  Now I want to talk to those who think World of Warcraft are for Nerds, Geeks or Dorks. Have you seen whose playing and whose done commercials for the game? Let's see there is Ozzy Osbourne, Mr. T, Chuck Norris, William Shatner, Verne Troyer, Jean-Claude Van Damme , Steve Van Sandt, and Aubrey Plaza ( yes girls rock this game too). Then you have companies like Toyota, Mountain Dew, Slim Jim who use World of Warcraft in commercials. Not so lowly now huh?!You can even find World or Warcrafts influence in Pinterest.

So if you are interested ( which you know you are)you can try it now for free.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sweet Something's Sunday

I love Proverbs 31 and reading my bible on how to be a better wife or a better woman. I know last week I covered gossiping and this week I wanted to cover nagging. I know a lot of us * nag* our husbands to *help* us. Before I was saved I nagged my husband to death at times and even to this day I sometimes start to nag my husband until he gently points out to me that I have been doing so.
 I guess we should discuss what is nagging. It is not gently reminding your husband to fix that thing you can't or do that thing he said he would. It is telling him over and over again to *Please* do such and such or just plain demanding it. It is demanding that your spouse do things in your ways only.
   As I was studying this week it came across to me that we call it nagging but really we are being quarrelsome and bucking against the headship that is supposed to be in our homes. I mean think about it; are you telling your spouse something repeatedly because you have to or are you doing it to control the situation? Does nagging at your husband lead to peace or does it lead to frustration? I know there have been times for me that I can answer honestly that I was trying to get my way period and it led to frustration.
 Now I know you are thinking "if I do not tell him to do it repeatedly he wont do it  or he will forget". You are also thinking "I need things done my way because it is the *__________* way because*_________*. I have found out that if I gently remind my husband maybe two times for something he was much quicker at do the things I needed and even volunteering to do things for me with out being asked than when I would drill him over things like a child. I also have found that when I let go and let him get things done his way not only do they still get done but he is much happier about doing them. This is because I have shown that I respect him as we are told to do in the bible. Men thrive on respect ( read Love and Respect for more on this biblical teaching). These teachings are counter to what our society tells us we should do. The nagging in charge wife is revered and the meek and quiet wife is frowned at. We have been told that we deserve our way and we are nothing if we are not demanding to get our way.
   However, the bible teaches us that we are to be like Sarah and she called Abraham *LORD* .She submitted to her husband. We are to submit to our husband as unto the LORD ( you do not have to submit to anything Un-Biblical... ever). In this day we no longer have that particular social standard to call our husbands "Lord" of our household yet we can still do this with our words and actions showing our husbands the proper respect. The Bible teaches we can turn the favor of our husbands towards Jesus just by our actions. Ask yourself  the next time you are nagging at your husband; is this reflecting Christ to my husband?
 There are things we can do like I said before, gently remind your husband. I do have to do this because my husband can be forgetful at times. Just remember this, your tone will set the mood of your conversation. You will get more flies with honey than you will with vinegar. Also let go! Not everything has to be done your way. I had a hard time with this when it came to my kids but guess what I let go. The kids are still alive, they have a great relationship with their dad and things got done! Pick your battles is it really worth it. Is the towel on the floor really worth the frustration? Chances are probably not. If you can do it yourself then do it. I got this from Proverbs 31. That woman is not sitting around saying honey do this or that. She is letting her husband do his own thing and she is getting done what she wants/needs done. Lastly if something is important to you and you feel he is not understanding it chances are he's not. You need to calmly talk with him without accusations but stating the way you feel and why. After that chances are he will be more willing to try to help you and listen to you with love and understanding.
I hope this is a great study for you this week it has been for me.

Some of the scripture I studied this week. 

Proverbs 21:9, 21:19, 25:11,27:15-16

1 Peter 3:5-6, 5:5

Ephesians 4:29, 5

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fun Friday Week in Review

This week was great I got to spend time with 2 of my sisters. Got the first step of my hair cut done. Which if you have not voted for your idea of the best hair color. Go to Monday's blog and vote. So far the leads are midnight blue and dark cherry red. Of course my MOM, my MIL and FIL all vote for it to stay my natural color. Which is also very sweet! Then I also added a GIVEAWAY this week.it still has low entries and you still have time to enter. Just go to my blog for Tuesday and sign that you are a fan of my blog! I got to play my favorite game with an awesome friend and my tweep friend. I am speaking of World of Warcraft of course.  I finished The Hunger Games. I will right a review on it tomorrow if my daughter has finished reading it by then. I don't want to ruin it for her. I must say it was to much fun finding all the zombie stuff for my zombie blog post this week. I found so much more than I posted I am going to have to do another one. I have been in deep thought,study and prayer and have given up drinking anything but water until things have been sorted out and I can be still enough to hear what GOD is telling me. If you know me you know what big deal that is because I hate water. Yes I actually said hate. I has been such a test because all I want is a great big ice cold sweet anything, but I said I would and will not break from it.  I of course spent to much time on pinterest, that site is addicting.  I will show some of my pretties I found

This found as idea for my two younger kids ho love to paint but are not allowed to use their big sisters because it is expensive artist paint.


I would love this even not over water!

I found this very funny!

Source: 9gag.com via Alicia on Pinterest

and this is because everyday should have little sparkle to it :) Glitter Alliance

Hope you had an awesome week and the your weekend!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thrilling Thursday

I thought I would share some Zombie fun today.I love zombies it is an awesome  genre for movies, games and more. So first is Zombie Love Song

You can get all of your Zombie anime  gear here

Are ready to join a group of zombie hunters and get your training on? Then go here to find a local chapter near you.

                                                     ( picture from here )

There apparently ways in which it could really happen. Check it out here
                                                   ( picture from here )
 You can even enjoy a delicious zombie drink. here is the Pin fit it.

and of course you can try to blend in with the crow of zombies and dress like one
 This is my mom, sister L and me getting ready for a zombie parade :)

OK that was fun. I will do this again.

Wonderful Wednesday busting up some crazy

I don't know about you but I have been seeing a lot of this post
Kalle Kiander's Photos
Can You Guess What McDonald’s Food Item This Is?

Say hello to mechanically separated chicken. It’s what all fast-food chicken is made – things like chicken nuggets and patties. Also, the processed frozen chicken in the stores is made from it.

going around on FACEBOOK. OK first this is the link  to the article it came from supposedly.  So being thoroughly grossed out I SNOPESed it.  Here is the link to what I found there.  Basically though you are safe. McDonald's uses white Chicken meat in the their chicken products and have since 2003. Also it has to be labeled  as Mechanically Separated Meat. Beef is no longer allowed to be mechanically separated because of Mad Cows disease.  Oh and pork commonly used in hot dogs is only allowed to be Mechanically seperated meat up 20% so even your hot digs are safe. One last thing the whole guts,eyes and all statement was  not true. 
When I was looking this up though it made me and my hubby think of old school McDonald's chicken nuggets, with their mashed meat filling and what I think  was little air bubbles in the filling.  How crunchy and good they were. Now when you bite into one that is not what you see and frankly they seem to be lacking a little of the umph they used to have.  At this point we realized  our kids will never no the joy of eating mushed meat chicken nuggets from McDonald's. HA HA HA! Oh and for the record I ate those as a kid and I am just fine so no poisonous side effects from the ammonia dipped guts and all chicken nuggets here. Though I am glad to know when I let my kids  eat McDonald's chicken nuggets now that they are eating the healthiest version they could be as far as fast (junk)food goes.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday Giveaway

 Today has been nice and quiet. Got the kids lessons done. Today was a reading, math, history day! My hubby and I split who teaches feeding off of each others strengths and interest. It has really revitalized our school days. We have a themed/unit study curriculum as the skeleton to our lessons and then we add to it so that our kids get a full curriculum. It is a lot of fun too being around my kids watching their minds gobble up new information.  I know last night I posted I would do a GIVEAWAY this week. So I think today would be a great day to start it. I am going to giveaway a pair of fingerless gloves with a matching hat. Check out my website to see pictures of an example of them http://DreamsComeTrueShop.com .

To Enter  
1 Follow my blog
2 Leave a comment that you are following and what size and color you would want on this post.
3. Follow me on Twitter @DCTshop and tell me you are entering my giveaway for an extra entry

Want some big entries say like 10  stop by my website and if you purchase something at the time of checkout tell me you are entering my Giveaway

Monday, January 16, 2012

I didn't forget Project Monday

I didn't for get  today was for  crafts and my business. Today was a big day with my sisters. We talked about some very exciting new items and possible events. We each have our own business but we work together, support each other and do shows together. In the next few weeks I will  releasing  some of the details till then keep watching. Also I think this week I will run a sale and offer a giveaway. Keep watching fans till then go check out my site

Mainc Monday

Okay So today was awesome. today I went with my girls,my sister L and her kids up to see my sister S and her little one. We to a walk in the amazing weather today around downtown Guthrie. It was so much fun looking at all of boutiques and antique shops. Then we went to my sister S's place and she cut mine and my girls hair.  Here's the thing we did only part of the style. we are still going to dye my hair. Platinum blonde on top and here's is the fun I am going to let you vote on what color you think i should do on the bottom. Pictures first. Now I look really tired because I am and the hair will look my layered once colored and after I style. It feel flat :(

OK here are the choices

midnight blue, dark cherry red, sweet cherry red, brown,black. mystery

Comment below to cast your vote.
This is a change because my email was dropping votes.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Something Special Sunday

I thought since it is Sunday I would start a bible study for my Sunday blogs. Something to talk about ,meditate on and study through out the week and if need be weeks beyond. I thought I would base them on things I like to study on and that I have seen that a lot of women deal with.  Being a Pastor's wife has given me in site into that in situations I am not alone and secondly there are reasons somethings are frequently repeated to women in the bible. I wanted to cover and study gossip. We as women have a hard time with this. We naturally want to talk over everything. Things that are happening in our lives, things we think, and things we have heard. Plus we all know those that live to stir up issues with gossip and how we avoid those people all together or are very careful of what we say to them when we can not avoid them. When we get a group of 2 or more of us  then we start to feed off of each other and the gossip gets worse. Being Christians we are called to a higher standard, but what is that standard? What actually constitutes as gossip? How can we avoid it? What can happen by taking part in gossip?

Gossip is slander, it is craftiness, malicious, judgmental and even at times just flat out lies.  We often fall into it when we become idle and start looking from our own homes into others, but not always. Sometimes troubles in our lives can lead into gossip about others and what goes on in their lives. How?
How often do you have problems with another person and call to ask for prayer or counsel but in doing so you must now involve them in the issue and tell them all the juicy "going ons" of the situation. DO you continue to call to tell them the latest? Then my dears you are gossiping, no worries even I have fallen into that trap. Here's the thing our bible teaches us we should ask elders in our church to pray for us, also you don't have to tell the story if you are asking for prayer because the bible also teaches GOD does know what we can not say and what we need the prayer for. If you are seeking counsel  these are the questions you need to ask yourself. First is the counsel for you?  Secondly is it wise counsel ( because honestly we have friends who are mature in their faith and those we know are just babies.) Would you go to a person divorced 4.5.6 times for marital advice or the person married for many successful years? Thirdly did you seek out  an elder of your church first or one of your friends? We have to think about our true motives and not the lies we tell ourselves and others. The bible tells us to seek counsel but to seek WISE counsel.
Now if you are on the receiving end of this you should be asking is this really for prayer, counsel or reconciliation (CPR) or are they calling to tell you the latest dish ( gripe)? Have I already given them wise counsel and they are continuing to call about the same situation? Did I pray with them or did we only discuss their issue? If they are continuing then you need to tell them you will pray for the situation until things are better but that to discuss it further would be gossip. You should call out those that are gossips.We are shown examples of this in the bible many times.
We can avoid gossiping by only seeking CPR with others. If we do start  to carry on and lead ourselves in to gossip we should confess our sins to our fellow sisters and brothers in Christ as we are taught in the bible. We are called to bridle our tongues, this is hard for us as women but we are called to do it and strive for it.  Also if you are calling another friend over concern for someone else here are some questions you should ask yourself. First did they ask you to and secondly knowing GOD knows what is needed do you really need to say who it is for or why it is needed? In most prayer chain cases all you really need to do is tell the request not discuss  it  or the person needing the prayer( which is nearly impossible for us women, which are usually the ones on the prayer chain and this is why I think there should not be prayer chains but people sent to elders or  anonymous prayer boards). If you are calling over true concern did you go to that  brother or sister first and then to an elder or did you just start spouting off your concerns to your friend. That is gossiping and you are being a busy body. Did you truly seek ways to help the person you are concerned about? Are you jumping to judgement? Think these things over before you start and it will help you avoid the issue of gossip and judgement. Oh here's a side note; if the only thing you have to talk about all the time is an issue or problem with another then it is time to look at yourself first and secondly your friends will certainly start to see you as a busy body or a drama queen always crying for help. Either way they will start to not trust you and will start to avoid you.
Gossip it's self was something GOD allowed sinners with wicked hearts to fall into and stay in.  Which when kept in mind can help to deter you from walking right off the path into it. I study these things often because I am just like you and fall off the path. I know how easy it is to have "gripe" sessions with your friends and how good you can feel but we must ask our selves is that true peace first and secondly did we just put an unneeded burden on our friends.
Some Scriptures I Studied for this study are  Proverbs 31,8:13-1411:13.16:28,26:26,18:8,26:22 Romans 1:29,8:26,1tim 5:13,3 John 1:1-10 (interesting note gossip here in the Greek version meant gossip or talking nonsense) 1 Jhn.3:18,Psalm 15:2-3,Job 15:5,1Peter3;10,James 1:26,3,5:14,5:16

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fun Friday

Today was an absolutely busy day. It actually started early for some reason I have not been able to stay asleep. Happily while everyone else slept I was able to drift away into my book "The Hunger Games". My little sister L got it for me for Christmas and I am as addicted to reading it as she said I would be. We frequently share the books we're reading for fun. The thing about a good book is it is so hard for me to pull out of it, not good when your a mom of 4, wife, and you have a business you are running. It is almost like I am literally transported into the story and moving along in the story with the characters. The thing about a slow book I always read the ending to see if I really want to finish it. My hubby says I am very odd for doing this. I did get some awesome pictures from my mom of me as a baby and of her pregnant with me.
This her pregnant with me. That is my dad behind her and my great grandmother( who I had the pleasure of actually knowing) holding her hand.

Want to see something really neat. This is my lizard. Never realized she looked so much like my mother. Little jealous my daughter got her full lips and I didn't. My little girl is that dark beauty that is written about so much and so many other girls try to be, her daddy is already trying to scare off the boys. Her poor boyfriend had the fright put into him the first time he called. haha

Well this week has been awesome and I hope yours has been as well.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Hello I am a couponer and I am an addict. :) Just kidding. I do coupon but I am no where near the lvl like those on that show. I do look for the best deals, print coupons,have a subscriptions for 4 papers,have a file and follow some fantastic blogs like Coupon Closet to help me know all of the rules to the stores I shop at and to find the best deals. I do not though buy things my family will not use or eat. Now I am not talking brand because I will buy the cheaper brand in most cases( I do have a few things my family insist I only by in a specific brand for different reasons). I am talking about things like diapers and denture paste when I do not have any one who uses those things. Now I do give my sisters with little ones my diaper coupons but I give them the opportunity to pick what ones they use because I remember how much they can cost and how I\ certain brands I could use one and not others ( I came into the cloth diapering scene late and only did it with 2 of mine). I know some of those people where buying things to donate or to have free shopping spot for others they know and that is great. Here is the thing on that most of us who are couponing are doing to do it to save money and while it may only be .30 or $1.00 that was spent that still adds up over time. Also if you have to think of the space if it is taking up  in your home because you want to donate more aren't you losing space for other things and just causing a possible clutter or hoarding mess. They way I do it is I buy the things I would use and then will donate out of that stash so my space is still being used wisely( I have small home and I firmly believe in using space wisely). Also you have to remember the gas used. If are making 5 different trips to the same or different stores that you would not normally do. Is the .50 -$1.00 per item saved really worth it. Now I will say once you can get you grocery bill down to like $100 for the month for a family of 5 then it does start to out weigh the gas cost somewhat, but you have to remember getting good at couponing like that takes awhile and that could be a lot of gas used till then. Though I am a big advocate for starting a stash  (of reasonable size) of the things you use. It is always nice to know that if one of you lose your job, the government fails, there is a natural disaster or a zombie outbreak happens you have a supply to live on for awhile with out stress or panic. Just remember to go through your items and put the the newly bought behind the older ones so they get used first.  I have found couponing  does  really help my families budget go a little further. One thing I do is make a calender of the meals I plan on making for one week and then get out my coupons and find the best deals for the things I will need for that week and then if there are things free or super low I will add them to my list. I may make 2 trips at most but I will not do more than that because gas here is ridiculous,plus I have 4 kids and most of the time they think they need to come along to "help".  Speaking of ,that has been an awesome side effect it has taught all of my kids to be money wise ( my toddler even insists on making sure we cut out coupons for everything she wants). Since we home school it has also been an awesome tool to teach them math, how to shop for a family,how to plan ahead and to how to be aware of the money you are spending. So in simple words I do think couponing is an awesome tool but that like all things it should be done properly and in moderation.

Here is a link to the blog I mentioned in case you missed it. She is Oklahoma based but she has followers all over the country on Facebook and twitter.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Today was a Wonderful Wednesday.
I was going to post about homeschooling but I decided I would tell some of the fun from my honeymoon. 15 years ago today I married to my best friend. My mom rented a hotel room for us to spend the night in and against others advice we were going out town the next morning. We decided to go to New Mexico so my husband could take me to all the places he grew up in. Over night it snowed big time and when we got up before dawn it still was. We had to drive so slow but we were doing it. We made it through Texas no problem and then we hit New Mexico. The highway was closed down.  We pulled off with the rest of the traffic and were going to get gas and wait but everywhere was  crazy full and we had just under half a tank in our little Geo Metro. So when we saw the snow trucks with their plows going out the back way of the stop area/ town we followed determined to make it to our first place for the night. We got outside of town on a nicely paved back road  and suddenly the truck turned around. SO we had a choice go on or turn back. WE WENT ON! Back to moving slow but steady. That is when we saw the most beautiful canyon space I have ever seen. We pulled over and got out to look. We were up on the side completely alone with snow lightly falling around us while we were viewing out into the canyon. I was magical.  We got back on the road  and decided to start watching for a gas station. I checked the map and found several small towns along the way which made us feel sure we would be able to get gas soon. The sun started breaking through the clouds along the way  but there were no gas stations and road was quickly becoming a not so nicely paved road. We were still having fun but getting a little worried because the gas was nearly empty now. We saw some amazing views and some that remind me to this day of horror movie scenes.  NOW the gas situation was getting worrisome we were all but empty. Now here is something I will never forget as we were driving we got stuck in the middle of a cattle herd being moved. Yes a cattle herd. We could not believe our eyes. The cowboys moved their cows on so we could get through and we nodded and went on our way. Now we were very worried our gas was gone and these little towns still had nothing or were not still around. Finally we  saw it like a shining A GAS STATION SIGN. We picked up speed as we hit town. We hit a bridge and started to lose control from hitting an ice patch. Our car spun right into the gas station and right next to the pump. My husband pumped the gas and was going to wash all of the writing off our windows but the glass cleaner at the station was frozen and they had none for sale inside. We actually spent most of our trip with writing on our windows, but it was kind of fun being honked at by well wishers. More things I will never forget  My husband tried so hard to get us nice hotels but ended up being the cheapest one that was the best and most romantic. WE still go there when we are in  Toas. I was pregnant and gorged my self on Tex Mex and Mexican food. WE had to honk at the birds on the back roads because they were so busy eating the salt they would not move until it was too late.( My husband actually hit a few and made me pull them out of the radiator ) On the way home I felt the first little flutter of our lizabug. It was an amazing trip and it was completely unplanned except that we had X amount of money and we were going to New Mexico.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday

So following some awesome advice I am going for content and on here I will have a post labeled for each day but I will also post about things that catch my fancy so things don't become stale but you will know what to expect or to look for on here.  So Tuesday's will be Thoughtful Tuesdays. Soooo on with the show. Today's thoughts will be on Marriage. This will be one of my fave topics I can already tell you now. This is because mine was saved by GOD from certain destruction. Now when my husband and I would counsel we shared our tools with others and now I will share them with you. Now this is going to be awesome for those with rocky  marriages, those with awesome marriages, those married for only a short while and those married for a long time. Today I want to cover ways to reopen the door to appreciation for your spouse.  In our day to day we often forget to look at our spouses and see the wonderful person that gave us butterflies. When you add kids to the mix things can get even more crazy. So here are some tips to keep the notion of "this person really is awesome and I really do connect with them" in the  front of your mind.
1. Make a list of 10....Guys write a list of things you LOVE about your wife, Gals things you RESPECT about your husband.
2. Start a sweet things jar. Make a jar and fill it with things you love,respect and now about your spouse.Even things you know your spouse likes or needs are OK too.  At least 2 times a week pull out one and tell/ do it for your spouse.
3. Write a random note for them put in  in their lunch, briefcase,wallet,as a text, twitter,facebook,e-mail. Try it once a week.
4. Try a room tax .... ask for a hug or a kiss when you leave or enter a room your spouse is in. Now not every time because that can get annoying.( Again we really do these things and that is how I know not to over do it haha)
5. Try to fit in date night or couple time once a week. Try to do something that is neutral and maybe even new. My husband and I eat sushi, do puzzles, play games on the Xbox orPS3,read together, try new types of restaurants, snuggle together in our room and watch a movie or show together ( can you tell the ones we do on date nights and the ones we do as our couple time)
As you do these you will be able to add your own ideas and switch them up to keep things new and fun. These things have always helped my hubby and I keep things in perspective. It also helps the other to know we are thinking about them and that we love and appreciate the other one. I hope that maybe you found some new ideas to add to your toolbox to keeping your marriage fresh.

Also I want to Thank 4 Love of CupCakes for her awesome blogging tips.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project Monday

 Since I own my own shop that I carry my own handmade items in I thought I would stat making Monday about my new projects and project ideas. Right now I am in love with knitting. I started making my kids and husband some hats and fingerless gloves. It has jumped from there with my extended family and friends loving them as well. So now I am carrying them in my shop. I hope to start some really neat other crochet items this week and some other knit items, but I will keep those a secret till I have them done :) I will say I have gotten some Valentine colors that I am ay excited to work with very soon.

For my fingerless gloves I can use just about any weight but I have been preferring to use the heavy weights since it is supposed to be winter ( though you would have not known with the weather around here). I think it helps them feel warmer. I also like yarns with sparkle or patterns that show up while you are knitting them up.  Oh by the way that is my hand and yes I know my nails need some attention, but after a day of dealing with kids and everything else I am usually just happy to say I got a shower.

On my hats I like using heavy weights for warmth but I sometimes I a funky or lighter yarn will just beg to be turned into a hat. I make new ones for my family just about every year, but it usually turns into me giving some away or selling to some friends, family etc.  This is my youngest  cutey Riley Coyote modeling off the hat I made her. She made the little kissy face all on her own for the picture.
You can order your own from my website DreamsComeTrueShop  I can do just about any color,size ,length, style etc.  when you check out note that you saw my blog for a special treat.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rules to fighting

Recently I was reading a post to another blog and they were discussing some new resolutions they have set with their spouse when it came to disagreements. This is right up my alley. Since my husband and I were saved I am huge on marriage and communication. 50% of marriages end in divorce because of poor communication skills.  My husband and I went from such poor skills as screaming, slamming doors, walking out, threatening divorce and more to quiet calm yes sometimes tense feeling conversations. How did we get there you may ask? Well step one we turned to GOD. Step 2 we did our studies ( yep we read up on effective solutions and we still do) , Step 3 we set rules. Now these things took/take hard work. Your marriage does not have to be in crisis to work on it. You don't buy a car and not at least clean it, change the oil, put gas in it etc. Well why not put in as much care in your marriage. Oh for those who have been married for a while guess what you need to give it more care just like a fine vintage car. When you do things like set rules it helps to set boundaries that allows both parties to feel heard. now you don't want to be so strict on these rules if one gets broken that you refuse to continue but you can gently remind your partner. I will list our rules for you but your rules will need to be for you otherwise they won't work.  Ok our rules
1. no screaming or yelling " You can be right but wrong at the top of your voice"
2. no infinite words " you always" or "you never"
3. no walking away, leaving or shutting your self in a room
4. inconsiderate only means you did not consider the other person or the outcome fully
5. feelings are just that feelings not necessarily fact but certainly how you are perceiving things
6.no throw backs " well you......." or "so do you"
7. stay on topic no bringing up past arguments or let downs
8. no bringing in others
9. I'm a girl I don't always want things fixed  so I have to be specific if I do or do not want help. He's a boy he wants to fix things quickly
I think that covers them all. We have been at this awhile so our list evolves as our life does. It grows and changes with us otherwise I think  the rules would become mute points. Here's the neat things about this, this  not only will it help you to be able to have better communication with your spouse but also with others. You will be able to carry these over with you to other situations. For me it has really helped because I am a very emotionally driven person and once I am set off I get hot tempered quickly, but now I am able to stay calm longer and keep things on point to a discussion more often.  Later on I will tell you some of the books we read which lead to these rules

Monday, January 2, 2012

A hard day

Well today I was going to write about something else but I really have this one topic on my mind. Mostly because of the events from today. Addiction is  a hard thing.  My husband was/ is close to ,more than I would have ever thought possible since we left the party life style behind and he went into the ministry, a few people with addictions. His entire ministry people were coming to him for help or to just tell someone of their problem. for some it was alcohol  and for others it was more severe like crack or meth. My husband was/is always there for them. The thing with addiction is that you can give the person with addiction  the best tools but they have to use them. So you have to step back sometimes and let them find bottom. Some never find their bottom and die from their addiction. My husband has already lost some friends in this manner and now it looks like we may being losing another. It breaks his heart to have to know that the next time he is talking about this person will be over them because they  have died. to know he will have to say I loved so and so and I remember them this way, not  this way. The bad was the addiction corrupting the wonderful person with in. Now let me set this straight almost all of us can understand to some level what this person is going through. Many of us has a bad habit we just can't seem to quit for one reason or another. Something we know if we did the opposite we would feel better, but still chose or prefer to do it. Maybe you even make excuses for doing it or cover it up. That is an addiction. Of course these little bad habits are not leading to criminal behavior, probably not changing your personality and would probably be easier for you to quit mentally and physically.  So you would not fully understand it but you can see now that it is not at all easy to come to grips with. Especially when it is your body saying to you I will make you very sick ( possibly even kill you) unless you give me what I want. That is a very scary thing to face.  Now that we all know we can understand on some level it does not mean we should make excuse for them or their behavior. Doing so will only allow them to feel better about it and make you even more sad and miserable. You have to draw the lines and keep them. They have to know that you will not follow them into the muck anymore.  That is very hard to face as well.  The idea that staying away is saying I LOVE YOU, especially when the addict is saying just the opposite.  Also the idea that the last time you see them alive could be this moment and you are saying do not come back till your healthy and clean, because honestly as I have said some never find that bottom, not even a brush with death will make them stop.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year

YAY it's a new year.This has to be one of the best days of the year it holds all of the hope and possibilities of change. This is the day that comes every year where we have a tradition of listing the things we plan on improving in our life. The first day of a new year can be like spring in your life bringing about new growth. I have read a lot of posts and talked to my friends and family of the things they are shooting for this year. Of course there is always the joke of not really completing your list. This is because change is hard and comes from a constant of working at it. I have heard you can learn a bad habit in a month but it take 3x's as long to unlearn it. All of this has made me wonder as to what I should set as goals for my new year. They should be reachable and set up like steps so I don't give up on them from frustration, but should be challenging in order for them to actually be a change.  So here are my goals
1. Drink more WATER ( I hate the stuff it is awful even the bottled stuff)
2. Start and stay of the C25K ( I hate even the thought that I might be a couch potato and not getting everything I could out of life for the sake of being lazy)
3.Run a 5k this year
4. try 3 new types of food
5.learn  how to cook new recipes of new styles of food
6.learn to allow things and people go when need be
7. take a trip with my family
8. work hard on my business and my blog
9. go to church more often, maybe even find a new home one
10. learn 4 new things
11. keep working a being a better mom and wife (this  is always on my list and in my prayers)
12. attend one anime/comic con ( yes I love the stuff )
13. Read more books
14. have a 1 week of no electronics ( I may go through withdrawals)
15. This one I will leave open for the hope of always setting new goals to reach :)
Hopefully when I look back next year I will be able to check all of these off as done. At least those goals will add more joy and fullness to my life. I don't want to live a life of could have been, but of I did.