Saturday, March 30, 2013

You Might Be a Parent If

The past few trips to Wally World has made Dh and I giggle as we heard parents saying and doing things we have ourselves have said or done. Things only parents say and do I decided to make a fun list. Plus I had so much fun making my "you might be a mom if". So with no further ado here is

You Might Be A Parent If

1. half of your conversations involve spelling out the words in your sentence. clean out you vehicle at 9 at night to find the desperately needed cup,blanket,toy etc.

3. you can carry on a conversation with high pitched screaming going on around you

4.your favorite 30min. TV show takes 2 hours to watch

5. you run around pretending to talk to Fantasy Characters

6. you have conversations like " well if I knew you would be good and walk in the store you would not have to ride in the cart"

7. your cuss words sound like food groups or possible cartoon characters " oh fudge" or "hey dumb bunny get off your cell phone and drive"

8. you not only get excited but also pay $10 to go to a play at your local school's cafeteria

9. you not only have but use parental locks/controls on your computers,gaming systems,cable etc.

10. You feel the need to check in on other people for their own well being

11. you have a look or phrase that can put the fear in another persons life

12. you counting sends people in your life in to a frenzy

13. Your phone conversations consist of  hold on....(to the person nagging  you) I'm on the phone........OK I'm back sorry....hold on

14. you have a mental countdown to bedtime that begins as soon as  dinner is done

15. you insist on reading another persons text messages before they delete them and if they don't  let you ...well then they loose it

16. you have the power to take away another person's favorite toys when they do not act right

17. one of your nightmares is an ___ year old has chosen to repeat some of your worst words while you are standing in front of

18. the person who begged you to stay up 2 hours late turns around and wakes you up 2 hours early the next morning

19. you no longer mind floaties in your drink or someone swiping bites part of your meal

20. you have ever played tic-tac-toe forty million times

Friday, March 29, 2013

Taking care of your tutu

When you purchase a tulle and fabric tutu I know you want your item to look it's best for as long as possible. So here are a few tips to help you keep them as nice as possible so your little one can play with for days,weeks and even months to come.

Tulle tutu
1. First you should not put a tutu in the washing machine or dryer
2. If your tutu becomes wrinkly or flat use a steamer to smooth out a wrinkles and between layers to help refluff it. If you don't own a steamer a nice steamy bathroom can help with the wrinkles.
3. For spots you can spot treat it with a damp cloth or something like a Tide Pen to Go
4. If your tutu becomes smelly a light spritz with Febreze or favorite fabric refresher can help with the odors.
5. If your tutu becomes snagged you can trim that piece of tulle


Fabric tutu
1. Should not  put a tutu in the washing machine or dryer
2. If your fabric tutu becomes wrinkly you can steam it and/or use an iron on the fabric. DO not use an iron on tulle if your item also has tulle in it
3. Spot treat your fabric tutu with a  damp cloth or you can use a something like a Tide Pen to Go
4. Your tutu becomes smelly using a fabric refresher can help with the odors.
5.  It can help to trim the little strings that can come off of the fabric strips.
6. It you get a snagged piece you can trim the piece

Hope that helps if you have a bigger issue with your tulle tutu or fabric tutu please don't hesitate to ask .
 Thank you for reading

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Whatchya Doin

  I do believe that it is biblical to prepare for bad times and down turns in life, unfortunately I learned this lesson the hard way. I learned this lesson after my family lost everything we took for granted, except each other. Yes I took my husband and kids for granted.  I suppose some days I still do in small ways but not like I ever did before. I am much more grateful for the good days my husband has that I get to share with him and more grateful for the wondrously created gift of each of my kids. This leads me to try natural alternatives ( go green, things I might be able to use if TSHTF or to try and put a little away here and there to help my family if things take another turn on us. No I am not a coupon crazed hoarder or one of the preppers like on the  tv series preppers. Though I do wish I could do some of the things some of them do.
   Recently I was looking up somethings that might help one of my in-laws and stumbled on Coconut Oil uses. Which I already knew of most of them but brushing your teeth with it was a new one. So I decided to look into it more fully and stumbled upon oil pulling and it's benefits. I already had coconut oil to use for cooking and skin issues ( works wonders on chapped lips or a noses sore from being wiped or blown to much). So I decided to try oil pulling which is swishing an oil ,preferably one that is good for you like coconut oil, around in your mouth for 15 - 20 min. Then you spit it out. It supposedly helps whiten your teeth, some people say it helps them sleep better ( ding ding ding we have a winner), help with tooth decay and illnesses. It has not helped me sleep better ( at least so far), but  it has seemed to whiten my teeth  a little. My in laws said it helped with a sinus/allergy thing they had going on.  So I will try it a little longer and see if it warrants being put in my treasure trove of helps.
 I have also been working on clearing an area in my yard for a new clothes line. My DH is building me a 4 liner. I am so excited  I used to have a small one before and I always wanted a big one. He has been searching plans for different types of lines and is mixing and matching to make an awesome one for me. I am also clearing space for a raised garden. We can't really plant a regular garden because 1 we rent and 2 the best area for a fruit and veggie garden is also where lines are ,most supposedly marked, so no digging down just to be sure. I am starting my seeds in door using a few various methods that I saw on pinterest.  I can't wait to be eating fresh foods right out of my own backyard. Also doing this makes me think of my grandma and her own garden. I spent hours with her playing in it and helping  her and then my sister and I would spend hours playing in her garden while she worked cooking or sewing inside. You see almost her entire front yard was a flower garden and in the back it was almost entirely a veg. and fruit garden. So all of our outside time at her house was in her garden.  * Side Note she was an old school prepper you could say...she grew up during the great depression living in a cave helping raise her siblings, then worked the factory work that women worked during war time and then she was a mom so saving and preparing was deeply in grained in her nature.

   This week I made more laundry soap.. I love that in the last six months it has only cost $6 for me to have a fresh green laundry soap. I have have bought back up of the ingredients here there so I have some for my stash just in case I run out and can not afford to get more. I found a couple of recipes after googleing about it and mixed together my favorite. I also tried a couple of pinterest ideas for cleaning towels and pillows this week. I am working on another I tried it post to share those on. If you have not guessed I am a google and pinterest nut. If I can't google it or pin it then something is wrong with it! haha.  I am working on de-cluttering....I seem to be doing this all the time. I have an extra couch that is driving me nuts. You see I sold the couch back in August, but the guy asked us to hold it for a few weeks to a month for him. We told him we would and he paid for the couch. 8 months later I still have an extra couch. I have been doing a couple of studies 1 biblical guidelines for women ( I do and redo this one every so often) 2 a study on the statistics of people who have been bullied, stalked, raped or abused. The statistics of people who self harm. The numbers are staggering.  You see these numbers go along with some other things  I am studying. I am studying the mental aspects of those who do such things and their victims. Studying what the bible says to both parties. Studying what Nouthetic counseling would have done to help vs Secular counseling would have done to help.  I want to know and understand these things and how best to deal with others who are dealing with these things on both sides of the issue.
 That's some of what I am up to. I always seem to find little extra things to keep me busy. Thank you for reading.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Dog shaming among other things

This weekend was a full weekend with sick kiddos and errands. I don't expect this next week or weekend to be any slower.  Happily though the weather this week is supposed to get a little warmer before it's supposed to have a chance of getting wet. With the drought though I completely doubt it will happen but I hope it does, like most of the country we could really use the rain. Let me start this post with something funny and cute.

Remember the little pup I was talking about last week well he has a very bad habit. He likes to tear open trash bags to get to the cans and food, despite the fact that he has a bowl of food. We decided to do a little dog shaming. He gets scolded every time but that trash is just to tempting. Now we can tell when he has been a bad boy because he runs and sits in his spot outside our kids bedroom instead of happily greeting us at the door when he has done something. He is such a sweet little silly thing, even when he is being bad. He is very spoiled.

 On to the next topic. We got a copy of some of the pictures we had taken for our churches directory. Which is awesome because getting some family pictures done for free when you have a family the size mine is and with the budget we are on is nearly a miracle. I will be printing them out very soon so I can hang some of them up and of course so I can share them. I am posting two of my favorite.
I love this shot of DH and I. He really is still my high school sweetheart and this picture grabs that feeling.

                I love this picture of my whole gang. Let me introduce to you the clan
                  Back  Lizard, Brother Bear, and Me Front  Sunny Bunny, DH, and Coyote
                          These people are my blessings and treasures and they frequently play starring roles in the posts I share. 

Now lastly. We will be doing some fun Easter projects..

 Dyeing Eggs.... We picked out marble effect dye, bright colors, and a snap tip dyeing system.

Craft Projects ....... Like this sweet little bunny project from The Melrose Family Blog. Here is the link

Bible Studies ....... well really do I need say more. He is the real reason for the entire holiday now isn't he.

Cooking goodies...... I have some special treats planed for the kids and I to make this week.

Well  thank you for reading.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Renisssance Fair Costume Inspiration

I personally love Renaissance, medieval fairs and fairy balls. They are so much fun and we are fortunate enough to have over 3 in my area and a few more in the neighboring states. You can learn some neat facts about that time (a great time to plan a theme unit if you home-school and use the fair as a fun field trip to round out the unit) and you can also let your imagination have a free day to run along side your child's and enjoy all the revelry and fantasy often alive and well at these festivals. This is a place that you can wear a costume and no one will think it one bit odd but actually condone your ability to join in on the fun.
One of my tutus and ragatus are perfect as costumes or part of a costume for such festivals.  Here are some ideas and some inspirations. No not all these pictures are mine but yes I can do that.

A Fall Fairy

Source: viaAlicia on Pinterest

A skirt perfect for a pirate, a commoner, a witch or even a gypsy

Source: Alicia on Pinterest

Of course your little one needs to be in on the fun be it a fairy or a pirate

A woodland fairy princess at any age.

 Now I am working on a new fairy handmade wing line and will be released later this spring if all goes well and the practice rounds continue to go well.

Now no prince or princess should be seen with out their crown. Yes of course I have you covered there no matter what age you are.
These are my lace crowns but I have floral ones coming out later this spring.

We have fantasy colored lace crowns

Metal toned lace crowns

Source: Alicia on Pinterest

Jeweled and glittery lace crowns

Just remember we are all dreamers on the inside and that is an ageless age so be free to go and have a little fun and forget your physical age for just a little while. Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Family Outing

Spring Break is here and while yes we home-school we do on occasion take a day when other kids have the day off too to go out and do something as a family. This week many of the weekly activities that my younger kids attend were canceled because it is Spring Break, but my older two still had some of their activities. So we decided that we would do something fun as a family one day this week. My DH and planned a day around some fun activities for my kids and since my older kids had some where to be on Wednesday we planned our trip for that day. With this day coming up I knew I had my blog idea for today and have been planning this since Monday.
 First Up....was a special breakfast. I found a Pin on Pinterest that was all about cooking cinnamon rolls in your waffle maker. You can find out more from the website the Pin took me to. It is now posted on my Pinterest tried it board. It was a huge hit. The whole family thought it was better than plain waffles or cinnamon rolls.Plus it was super easy!!!

Next Up..... was a trip to the pound to look at the puppies and kitties. We have tried to show our kids that while it is nice to have a "pure" bred pet it will mean so much more to you and to your pet if you adopt them. So every so often we take a trip to the pound and talk to some of the workers or volunteers. Happily our local pound works really hard to reunite pets with their owners when they can but they also work to save pets by working with partners that help to get the animals adopted. My family adopted our dog about six years ago from the pound. Which is a funny story that I may just share on another blog. He is a full blood Miniature Schnauzer.  He already had his ears and tail docked. The Pound gave him his shots and fixed him and we adopted him for $50 ( yes that number is right). He also has his bad boy tattoo from the pound on his belly to show that he was once in puppy jail, my younger kids think it is so funny. He is the sweetest dog. We have never had a problem with him and the kids. He doesn't really shed which is good for Sunny Bunny asthma ( we got him before we had her tested and found out that dogs were an allergic trigger for her asthma). Now we know that not all dogs adopted are so wonderful. My DH and I adopted a dog when we were younger and that dog was a nightmare that I will share about some other time. This is our sweet pup. This is an older picture of him. He needed a cut and a bath but I felt a picture for this blog was needed.
The kids had a blast and Coyote almost got a new puppy but he was not available for adoption. She was so hurt that she could not take "her" doggie home. Her daddy is a big sucker for her and the fee was down today so caving was not a real expense.

On To The Next Event...Lunch we  had a picnic planned but we stopped and had some fast food becasue we were running a little behind on our schedule. Which is a real treat for our kids because of the tight budget we live on combined with the size of my family. The dollar menu is such a wonderful thing. We all had a good time and it was just fast enough for us to go pick up Bear and Lizard's friends to take them to their youth group outing with their church. 

Last ..... We dropped the older kids off and took the younger ones to the book store. My kids love going to the book store. They love looking at the different books and playing with some of the toys they have their.  Of course we want to encourage a love for reading and books so that is an easy request to do. We now own the Ugly Duckling and a cross word puzzle ( both on sale which worked for a our budget)

Home Again....Once we got with the younger ones we allowed them to watch the Guardians till their siblings got home.
This is what a day of fun looks like for us when we splurge on our kids and it was so much fun. 

Thank you for reading.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Pinterest I Tried It

Thanks to Pinterest I have found so many wonderful and crazy things to try. Some work out better than I expected and some not so well. I am going to start sharing ones I try and my thoughts on them. You will also now be able to follow a board on my Pinterest account of things I have tried from Pinterest Pins ( * side note I just started the board so I will be adding Pins that I have already tried in the past but they will not have my thoughts on them)

 Blue Dawn to Kill Fleas 

I tried this because we have been already dealing with fleas this year and the flea preventive and shampoos were not cutting it. This is the website that the pin came from. This Pin listed multiple things Blue Dawn worked for and killing fleas was one. This is how we tested it.  Week 1 we washed our dog in Flea Shampoo .....still fleas put flea preventive the next day.....Less Fleas but still Fleas. Then We waited a week couple of weeks. Week 2 We washed him in Blue Fleas. Also no skin irritation. We will still be putting flea prevenetive on our pup but we will be washing him in blue Dawn soap.

NEXT      Blue Dawn and Vinegar TUB CLEANER

Photo from actual pin and website

I am always looking for a way to effectively clean with out using harsh chemicals. Two reasons 1.Sunny Bunny has Asthma and these products can cause problems for her. 2. I like to be able to know at least in part what I am using.  I was skeptical when I saw this Pin. but new vinegar does have many uses for cleaning.  Unfortunately your house tends to smell like you pickled it if you use vinegar to clean with. This is the website the pin is from. I mixed up some of the mix and was pleasantly surprised with how well it worked. It still smelled of vinegar but no to bad. It did remove soap scum and made the spout and handles nice and shiny, which is huge in my family( with 2 adults and 4 kids that is a lot of bathing)

Lastly  An Easy Natural Blackhead Remover

image is from Pin and website
This is the website the Pin is from. I try to be green or natural even with hygiene type items, especially as a mom of 3 girls. If I can avoid putting chemicals that may or may not really be helping on my face and theirs I want to. Also the experimentation leads to some really fun times. I tried this one before my nightly shower so that if I got the honey or lemon in my hair I could wash it out with out getting stickiness everywhere ( I have kids for that I don't need to add to it). Lizard followed me in laughing at me because I was carrying in a whole lemon, knife and a jar of honey. I did what the site said to do. It smelled nice and as my face warmed  and slowly melted the honey lemon mixture it tasted nice as well. It was a mess but not as bad as I was a afraid it would be. I did not have any irritation and my face did feel nice and soft. The blackheads on the other hand, Lizard and I both decided we really did not see a difference. We may try this one again during a girls spa night ( because there were a lot of laughs during the experiment and I am always on the look out for something fun to do with my kids)but I don't have any hopes of it working.

I am going to wrap each of my Tried It Pinterest Posts up with a recipe from Pinterest

 Gonna Want Seconds

image from Pin and Website
I am always on the look out for something to expand my families meal choices, but are also easy to make. This is the website the pin was from. I chose this one recently and I did do a little tweaking to it based on my families preferences. I used only half an onion, 1 can of diced tomatoes and 1 can of corn. I also added some Creole seasoning only a tsp. I was so thrilled I did not need to increase to adjust for a bigger serving size(* I frequently need to because of the size and age of most of the members of my family) It made a lot which is perfect. I love leftovers. This means that one meal becomes two meals with out extra effort.My family loved it. All of them which is something of a feat at times.  My family did prefer it the first night of the left over night so I won't be letting it refrigerate overnight before serving it but try it your family may prefer it.
 Thank you for reading.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Behind The Scenes Of A Family Business

To start all my RSS feed fans and website fans you will want to actually come to my blog site so you can see all the pictures.  I am so blessed to be a Stay at Home Mom who also runs her own business. My business really is a family ran business. Everyone pitches into help from top to bottom. My DH (support and brainstorming partner, booth builder,helper and blog/website checker), me ( the owner and brains) and all of my kids ( models,inspiration and helpers). This week I had made some new items for my etsy/website, which meant pictures of the new items. I thought I would give you a peek behind the scenes and show you some of my little helpers assisting me take some pictures.
This is what you see on the website, Etsy, Pinterest and other places.
      The following pictures are what you won't see thanks to some editing. The weather was perfect this week for pictures and one of my bushes is actually flowering so I had a very nice little spring backdrop.                    
                                             So outside we went and the fun began.

Note the little head
Experimenting with an idea Lizard had
Lizard is a great helper and picture taking really opens up her creativity and gives her an outlet for it. I love to let her throw out some ideas and to try them out. I feel it will help her see that mom takes her thoughts and opinions seriously.

                             Little  Coyote loves  being mommies little model even if the item isn't
                             quite her size. Yes that is a Halloween shirt. She loves the color and the bats.She was also picking flowers ( The flowers on my poor confused bush and weeds) for mommie whilst I was taking pictures.

                              Sunny Bunny is a perfect little model and helper. Her little smile is as sunny as
                                 her name. She couldn't resist jumping in and having mommie taking some
                                   pictures of her too. She is always one of my biggest helpers.She was helping to also entertain Coyote while I was taking "boring" non-kid pictures.

                       These last two pictures show how we started. We started with taking pictures against a black back drop ( no I don't have fancy little set up yet but I do have child laborers haha)and by the end they had taken the camera and where posing mom for pictures.   I love these moments because not only do I get some work done but I also get some bonding time with my kiddos in also.  Thank You For Reading.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

1 Busy Family

    I have been very busy already this week so busy this post is going up a day late. Monday we ran around town looking for knee high white socks and a white shirt for sunny bunny. Tuesday Sunny Bunny and I both preformed for the local EWI. Check out the videos above see a little bit of our performances. I was a nervous wreck but I had a lot of fun. I can't wait to do it again. I was so proud of Sunny Bunny. She did so good. She was bummed because a little girl she was supposed to preform a 3 hand reel with got sick and didn't come to the performance so she didn't get to do her 3 hand, which is one of her faves. I have to admit it is a lot of fun. I really enjoying that Sunny Bunny and I have something special that we can do together. I feel like it is something to bond over and let her have that moment with mom that is all about her, that kind of thing can be hard at times with 4 kids.
   Today was all about getting the kiddos ready for their Wednesday night church classes,doing laundry,paying a few more bills, cleaning house,shaving the dog, getting a menu made up and groceries bought on top of the normal schooling, feeding the kids, wrangling my kids etc. I got the kids ready, their laundry done ( actually got my teens on it as they are now responsible to get their own clothes clean.....Responsibility),house was picked up for a little while ( it never lasts) and then the kids left with their Gparents for church. DH paid the bills and shaved the dog ( while I held him.It happens every month but he still acts like we are killing him) We made up a menu together and went to the grocery store while the kids were gone. I made dinner for us and dessert. I found desert on Pinterest. You can find the recipe From Dawn's Quilt Corner or I Dare You To Eat It. Tips don't stir it to much and do not lick the batter of the spoon unless like a good zing to the mouth. My family really enjoyed it and I loved how easy it was to make.

Work Work Work. This week I also have been working on some new tutus. Fixing and cleaning up the photos so I can upload another listing to Etsy. Tinkering on my website a bit more. Some Custom Orders were mailed out this week as well. Of course coming up with a blog idea or two (Ta Dah I am a literary genius haha)

The rest of my week is looking full with dance class ( one must practice in order not to appear completely fullish when preforming in public) and start cleaning up the back yard for spring and summer. Something on Friday that I have currently forgotten which is a little irritating because I keep forgetting what it is.  A Birthday party for one of my nieces on Saturday ( I made a custom hat for her and I can't wait for her mommie to see it. I will post pic.s after she does) and Lizard has derby practice ( She loves it so much and I can't wait till I can go cheer her on at her first bout). Sunday is church and drama (That day is always a little hectic but I look forward to it every week).  I am also certain a few other things to do will slid in there as well. Thank you for reading.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Let The Fun Begin

Planning a bachelorette party or a bridal shower? Having a hard time finding that perfect gift for the bride to be?  Well I have some fun ideas for you to add to your festivities and some fun gift ideas too.

1. Grab a white t-shirt and a sharpie ...... Have your bride to be wear the shirt during your party. Have all of the guests and anyone else with well wishes sign the t-shirt during the party.

2. Plan some of these fun games from the knot

3.  Story time..... Sit in a circle and have all the guests share some funny stories involving the bride to be and said guest. * remember to be nice with what you share this is for fun not to be mean or embarrassing

4. Scavenger hunt...... plan a scavenger hunt for the bride with fun things like... have a guy serenade you or loudly order an in appropriately named drink etc.

5. Paint ball...... do something unbachelorette party or bridal shower like and go do something like paint balling or take a cooking class.

6.  Slumber party.....enjoy a night of fun stay in spa and beauty, movies and perhaps a few games and drinks.

7. photo booth..... set up a fun photo booth for the guests to take pictures for a scrap book of the party for the bride.

8.Matching outfits.....Go out wearing shirts with your part in the big event on it or matching outfits like 80's themed or tutus( hint hint). Then take pictures as a group in as many places and as many times as possible.

9. boudoir...... Book a photographer and have fun doing each others hair and make up for some fun boudoir pictures. * Bonus the uninvited men get some really fun picture gifts for themselves. 

10. Camping..... Make a weekend of it but no need to spend $1,000's to go to Vegas. Make it more personal and economical by going camping.

Some gift ideas

1. Something Old
2. Something Blue
3. His and Her t-shirts for the honeymoon
4. A day at the spa
5. Something for the bride to wear that night and the days to come * Kind of like this hat by me
6. Something unique and handmade that is just the brides style from somewhere local or Etsy
7. lingerie gift card - yes it is still fun to give  but it is so much easier if you let the bride go find that perfect set.
8. Gag gift  - if you are going for fun just search the internet there are plenty of gag gifts to give a bride to be.
9.  Gift cards to some of the couples fave. restaurants.
10. A scrapbook for the bride to fill with all the pictures from the night, the big day and the honeymoon.
Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You might be a mom if .....

 How about some fun. After talking with some friends, reading multitudes of FB and twitter statuses and reading some other blogs I have compiled a list of 20 ways to see if you might be a mom.

You might be a mom if

1. a room of squealing naked girls is not an insane drunken night with your girlfriends but simply bath time for your daughters.
2. If your big purchase that you got such an awesome deal on that you have to share is the new Doc Mcstuffin kit that you scored for less than $20
3. You hide in odd spots to eat so you don't have to share your food
4  If this could be a statement you have said " The Moment I get away with eating a twix w/o my kids finding out I feel like  got away with murder."
5. If you know the previously mentioned attempts seem normal and sane to your friends
6. If you sneeze, run, jump, cough etc. and a little pee comes out.
7.  If the majority of your outfits are more about comfort than fashion
8. If  your answer to someone else who is yelling "I peed"  or " I pooped""Did you pee/poop in the potty?" because the answer could honestly be no
9. If you will happily leave your meal to go help wipe someone's bum.
10. If you sit down to eat a nice "cold" meal often.
11. When doing laundry you are frequently handling other peoples dirty undies
12. If you have ever sat in a public bathroom stall with someone else whispering "shh" because the other person is very loudly telling you the lady in the stall next to you farted/pooped/is stinky etc.
13. If the before mentioned bathroom is the 10th you have visited in the last 30 min.
14. If you have a private mental list on which restaurants and stores have the cleanest bathrooms.
15. You actually look forward to going to the grocery store alone.
16. Standing outside a girls fitting room you ask through the door if you grabbed the right bra sized and you hear "MOM" in a horrified voice and you silently chuckle a little.
17. If that look you get in your eye tells your husband he had better take you out soon before the kids drive you insane
18. If the big party you have been planning all year is a child's birthday party
19. You silently cringe as the person driving your car narrowly misses the curb in the middle of the empty parking lot.
20.If you have boobs that are magazine worthy.....only the magazine is National Geographic.
Well thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment if you know of one I missed.