Monday, November 12, 2012

A Weekend in Review

This past weekend was full of fun and excitement. We have a very dear friend who came over and stayed the weekend with us. His son and my son are good friends , so he came over as well.  It was a good B-day sleep over for bear and my kids cousins Jax and Ruth came over as well for bunny and coyote. Friday was a crazy and full night. There was chatter and giggles until 4 am. Bear and Coyote had a Birthday party this Saturday as well.  We held the party after Bear and Lizard got back from a community out reach they had to got to because their drama group was preforming in it. So it was a later party but it was fun.  My sister S and her hubby, my mom and stepdad, my hubbies parents, our friends EB and Jeffery, the kids friends and some of their cousins all came.  My house is tiny so it was a very full event but lots of smiles and laughter. Bunny got any early present from my mom and stepdad so she was excited too. We had church on Sunday. I was so tired from the previous two days and the hubby was in a lot of pain on top of being tired, but some how we not only got to church but we actually didn't have to rush things like we sometimes we have to. The whole day it was so moving and wonderful. My hubby and I both have been striving for the end goal and for growth in ourselves. Sunday night we just crashed. We watched some of our fave shows and just relaxed. It was nice calm way to end a fun whirl wind of a weekend. This week is bunnies b-day and this weekend is going to be a whirl wind too. I have been making some moves in a side business. I have and I will be teaching a class on using things like twitter and Facebook to help grow your small business. I came up with the class after not only doing for my and other people's business but also after leading a few class type things before on the topic. It really does take a lot of work to come up with the right info ( because Facebook is constantly changing), coming up with the instructions they can take home to help them remember ,etc.  I also have some other new business moves coming up. I am really hopeful that will work out well. Everything so far seems to falling in line. Well  thank you for reading.