Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Faking it

 I heard a  Pastor this weekend say not to fake it, but I see and know so many that do in so many ways.  Fake a smile when they are really in need of some sort.  Fake  goodness  to impress others or to not let others down. Fake faith to blend in, fit in, or to try and grab the peace others around them have. I am guilty of faking it. Sometimes I fake that I am fine when I am not, but then again I am not really into sharing me. Oh I will happily listen to and help others around me but I rarely share the other way.  The sermon and some of the books I have been reading have made me think. Why fake it?  If you fake happiness you only hurt yourself further. If fake goodness you block out the chance to actually be a genuinely good version of your self.  If you fake your faith you will not grow and truly find what you want. Plus you always get found out one way or another. Also going with the fact that this was a christian sermon you have to know GOD always know. When you get down to it we all are fakers. Some just in worse or more obvious ways than others. I wonder how the world would be if we were the actual real genuine deal.Would it be better? I would like to think so but I am not sure. Many times we fake it to make life easier. Not just for us but for others as well. My Husband practices radical honesty ( honesty at all cost) and with him I can handle it. So I assume I could with others but it also can be all in presentation. I know he is truly not trying to hurt me. I do think there are those that not faking it would make them lose everything. Lose their identity ( well at least the one they are trying for). There may even be those that practice radical lying ( lying at all cost). So would it make life better or would it cause pain to not fake it. I think GOD doesn't want us to fake it. He made us to be us. To be individual and to sparkle like the stars just for him. Even when things feel all wrong.