Friday, February 8, 2013

cleaning,oragnizing, growing and going

This time of year is awesome for those in a business like mine. I get to look forward to all those spring and summer shows. My creative energy is going full steam coming up with design ideas to go with not only with the up coming holidays, seasons but also with all those new ideas that I spent the last month finalizing as items I wanted to carry this year. I have been so busy cleaning up my website, this blog and my pinterest. I want to give my website a fresh bright look. This blog needed something unique to help it stand out from the crowd as well and I think the background goes so well with my fantasy picture with one of my tutus. My pinterest was just so jumbled I could barely find anything I wanted to let alone anyone following my pins so I decided to organize all my pins. That has been such a huge task. I also have made some new business moves. I took down my Facebook Fan page and put my twitter on to private controls. I am looking to make my company have a more personal person to person feel.  I am working on some new advertising avenues so you will be sure to still see my lovely little cat here and there spreading the news about my shop (Yes I am still going on about my logo and my cat).  I do hope you go by and check out my website. Also keep an eye out for me, I may just pop in places you didn't expect me. This month I have been making some color and design choices for stock for my first show of the year. Plus I have been working on custom orders and stock for a shop I am in. Hopefully I will be able to get stock up on to Etsy here soon as well.   Up next for me is cleaning out my craft closet and organizing it so I can get to the things I want and need a little easier than I can right now. This seems to be the things all my crafty friends are constantly battling with, apparently we crafty types tend to get wrapped in our projects and forget to keep our spaces organized. Hopefully a good clean out will last for a little while at least.

                                        What's being played as I work........

Skillet -Those Nights
Red - Breathe Into Me
FireFlight - Unbreakable
Toby Mac - Made to love
Owl City - Fireflies
Bob Marley - Every little thing gonna be alright

Well Thank you for reading.