Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Backstory - childhood

I thought I would right some back stories about me. So you could get to know me better. I was born to my mom and dad and I have 1 full blood (S)sister. After my parents divorced they both remarried. This opened the door to a lot more siblings and a very big family. With my dad and step-mom I have two half sisters - (C andST). Both of them are a lot younger than me but are very neat girls! With my mom and step-dad I gained 2 step siblings 1 brother(P) and 1 sister(P), my step sister is much older than me and my brother is basically the same age he was born at the beginning of the year and I was born at the end. Then I have 1 half sister (L) from them as well. If you ask me though they are all just my brother and sisters.  I lived with my dad till 9th grade and then I moved to my mom's. At that point in my life I was a teen girl and had lost my mind. To the dismay of my  brother I dated a lot of his friends, but we got along well. That is how my met my now husband (B)though. I had met him a summer before and then re-met him after I moved in. My brother was ticked. That story is for my next post though. So now you know I have a huge family and now most of those siblings have husbands or boyfriends and most of them have kids. Which makes my family huge and get togethers on either side pretty much a small event.