Thursday, December 29, 2011

This Stinks

For awhile now there has been stress in my family beyond the norm. and I have always thought of myself as strong, especially physically. That is till recently when the stress became to much and I became sick. My hubby was terrified my left arm hurt, I felt nauseous, Felt like was going to pass out, and slept for hours. He rushed me to my doctor. Here's a little problem with me having an issue with my heart my heart rate/pulse and pressure always run very low, it is a trait from my mom. So when they get me in they say ....Your vitals are with in normal range ( i.e. not normal for me) the doctor says he could run tests but felt better with me going home and resting to make sure it was not a virus showing strange symptoms because I was also dehydrated ( actually normal for me I hate the taste of water and frequently forget to drink much because I am not thirsty). One stipulation I had to  rest no stress, no running around etc. just in case. Hubby to the rescue as usual ( he really is a wonderful guy). I was banned from stress inducing situations, could not even look at stressful things. Enter sister L and my mom who call to check on me. Sister L calls and talks to my hubby about what is going on and tells him that I need to get on some very specific meds to help me not stress and keep my blood pressure on even kilter. Turns out my symptoms are just like hers and it took nearly a year for it to be figured out. I told her she did not need to share her illness with me. I was fine feeling sorry for her. haha. She and my hubby started talking and remembered in high school I had a passing out issue. It seemed to clear up but apparently it just  went dormant until the stress in my life was to much for me. Lucky me. I also have a fun thing that when I am physically hurt bad like cut my finger to the bone or having my hand slammed shut in a car door I am okay for a minute then I turn pale and start to pass out. Lame right. Well I think so because mentally I am fine but my body obviously is freaking out,of course I started feeling better and blowing off stress or avoiding it all together till recently when it has built back up in my life. So guess what I have not been feeling good. I have been getting worked up and husband literally yells at me to stay calm ( because he is scared for me).  So I guess my lesson is that it doesn't matter how strong you think you are when your body has had enough it has had enough. Now I am on my way to a healthier less stressed me!