Monday, December 26, 2011

New to this

So I have had a blog before but it was purely business. This time I will have some business but also some personal because they are really one in the same.  It brings up some complications for me though. How much do I share and how  little? I don't need any stalkers finding me or my kids but with out enough info then my stories just might be pointless boring dribble. Also when it comes to conflicts with people in my life do I share them, as I hope to make a strong fan base that feels connected to me, or do I leave that out. If I do share how much would be to much? Also do I need anymore headaches if I do share and it cause things to become worse? That leads to another worry what if someone interprets my thoughts as something awful geared towards them. Then what? Oh I am so new to this side of it. I sure hope this works out. I am excited about it and I am really thankful my friends who suggested I write a blog. Hopefully I do well and they don't regret suggesting to me.