Monday, December 26, 2011

MYM For 4 Love of CupCakes

I handmade all  of my Christmas presents for my sisters. I made two of them gauntlets ( fingerless gloves) and then a hat for another. I knitted them all. I have picked that back up and love it. I am supposed to take pictures of some more I have made this week. I plan on selling them on my website the only problem is I keep getting requests for them faster than I can make them. My BIL all requested some after they saw my sisters items. Plus my husband wants his. Then there are customers. I am so grateful to be able make and sale things I love and to do it with 2 of my sisters who are also very crafty.  SOon I will have to post pictures of their items.
So this week is more gauntlets and hats, but also my ClaireBear got craft kits this Christmas an I promised I would do them with her.