Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just a little check in

 I have made some awesome new resolutions this year. One is to eat paleo meals. Oh I am so happy with it.
Some Dinners
Steak Salad
 Home made stew
Apple and onion Pork Chops with a berry compote

Some snacks
Tropical Bananas with nuts
Hard boiled eggs
Pistachios or cashews

Some breakfast
Seasoned Eggs and turkey with pistachios on the side
Baked eggs and ham with fruit compote

All with no sugar,wheat,carbs or dairy

I feel like a foodee. I have so many new recipes I can't wait to try
 paleo pancakes
Sweet potatoes brownies
Paleo Nutella tart
Paleo  Plum Kuchen
Coconut Secret Bars
Paleo cookies and breads

My poor husband has been in bad shape the last few weeks. When cold weather hits it really causes him to flare up. Plus recently his doctor sent him to get an MRI because of neck pain and severe migraines . Now has to go see another specialist to get epidural steroids in his neck to try and hold off surgery. I feel so bad for him and helpless to help. Happily though this month is my husbands birthday and our anniversary. We have plans for both that I am very excited for.  My husband and I have finding new things to do and enjoy together,like new shows to watch together or building displays together.

I am so thrilled about some new books I have and that my WOW subscription is paid up till March.  Both are great little ways to just chill.

I will be putting my new items up on my website and etsy. My husband has made a new booth design for me that I can not wait for him to build. It will have to come in parts because of our financial sitch but I am cool with that because it will so worth the wait.

I will write a post soon about things I hope to accomplish this year. Thanks for reading.