Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Making a change

So we are still going Paleo and aside from a few baked goods cravings and a knee jerk thought of I should add cheese to the this( helps not to have any in the house). Things have been going well. Of course I have slipped. I got up one morning a grabbed and gobbled down a doughnut before I even thought about it. Yikes! That is a little crazy that I ate the crap on auto pilot.  My hubby has been doing it with me. He has been 100% Paleo 90% of the time. Which if you saw how he was eating before that is really awesome. We are trying to move away from foods that cause inflammation like wheat, dairy and manufactured sugars. My kids have been drinking almond milk in place of the regular cows milk they love so much.  We have gone through an elephants worth of fruit and vegetables. Tonight I made Coconut Lime Chicken in my crockpot with avocado dip. Everyone but the youngest really enjoyed it and even she ate some of it. She is my one who has really held out on going along with this happily. I think next week I am going to make some Paleo chicken nuggets and fish sticks. I did eat something that made my mouth itch like crazy and break out with red spots. So benadryl for me till it's gone and a food diary in case it happens again. The goal here though is to decrease things that may cause inflammation for my husband and to teach my kids a healthy life style for when they grow up based on the best information I have right now. I suppose that is what we really do all the time, try to take of those we care about or guide the best we can with the best information we have at the time.Another reason for the change is it is time to take care of the care giver. I woke up the other day and felt like I was on fire from the inside out and I don't think going to bed the night before with a heat rate of 117 ,with out doing any sort exercise, was any help either.  So time for a better diet and more physical activity. Also more time meditating on what is true,noble,pure,lovely, admirable and all that is praiseworthy. Such things as celebrating this week 16 years of marriage, my husband's birthday this week, that our bills are paid, my wonderful kids, dancing and being silly.
Well thank you for reading!!!