Saturday, January 12, 2013

Not a soccer mom but an Irish dance,Roller derby ?? mom

So I always like to encourage my kids to get into something that really strikes their interest. My little Sunny Bunny is in Irish dancing. She loves it and has already preformed in her first competition. We have hard wood floors which have been  perfect for her constant state of practice. I take it too. Which makes it a fun thing for us to share. When she went to compete I went along too because I was competing too. It was not nearly as cute to watch me as it was her but she was so excited that we did it together. This spring we are preforming together along with my mom who also takes the class.
 Now Lizard is into Roller Derby. She was invited to go check out the open house by her Aunt who is an awesome Derby Girl, that had to take a break because she had a baby.  Lizard will be in the teen league which for now is no contact. This great in my opinion because she will be able to really learn the game and the moves before she actually gets in to the contact portion of it. If you don't know Roller Derby is a contact sport played on roller skates at a fairly fast rate of speed. So broken bones, bruises and more are possibilities, but then again if she was playing soccer or other sports that would be a risk there too. So I see it as no more dangerous as long as she practice her skills, wears her protective gear and learns all she can before she gets into her her first full contact bout. Since 2 of her Aunts are Derby girls she has a step with support and tips. I am excited to go watch her play when she reaches the point of getting to. The teen league is new here so they are still building up the teams. Plus I think a lot of my moms are freaked out by the roughness of the game but seriously would they if it was boy wanting to play football. I think this is right up my daughters alley. She is a little bit of a tomboy at times but still loves being a little girlie. Now  my hardwood floors are also not only for dancing but now also for roller skate practice and breaking new skates.  My coyote has been using Lizard like a car hop " skate here" and then will hand her her trash or drink for her to put up. I nearly peed myself laughing at that.
  We are working on finding Bear something that he really wants to do. I am hoping for a regular sport but her is really starting to show an interest in skate boarding and hunting. So who knows I may soon be writing about the joys of being a mom to a hunter or a skateboarder.  What ever it is I hope he loves it as much as the two girls love their activities. You may be wondering what about Coyote. Well she is wanting to do dance and we are all ready looking into that for her. So no she has not been left out but she is young and her likes are still changing with the wind.

Well thank you for reading.