Saturday, January 19, 2013

New items that are coming to the shop

I have been working on some new items. I thought I would share two of them for now. Let's start with the coasters. These statred as a Christmas present and I had a couple of people ask me to make some for them. I have pictures of the ones I made for my dad. He was the one who turned me onto comics and Stephen King as kid. So I made him coasters with the dark tower comic book series combining the two. I have since made some with  more neutral tops. I will be posting some other ones on my website and Etsy soon.  Sorry the pictures are not that great but I think you can get an idea of what I am talking about with these. Also the pictures were taken before they were completely finished but again I think they give you an idea of what I am talking about.These will be $5 pre-made and $10 custom for a set of 4

If you would like to order a custom set of your own feel free to message me at my website  . 

Now the lace crowns I have been making. This kind of came about because of the coasters and because of some new places and areas I am taking my many of my products.  Watch my Etsy shop , Facebook, twitter and website to find out more about this as I post about it. I am excited about these areas because they really are very me. Right now these are at my booth at Es-Cessories here locally. My crowns are being made to fit adults to infants. I am making these in an array of colors and when I reveal where and why I making these it will make total since for me to have them in multiple colors.They range in price from $20-10. I will have some listed on my Etsy and website soon. The green and red ones were made with Valentines and ST. Patrick's Day in mind. If you want one or one similar to those pictured just follow the link to my website to message me. The pictures again are not very good and I will posting better ones as my stock and variety builds.

 I am excited about my business plan and my new items for this year and just had to share just a little of what is coming up. Well thank you for looking and reading.