Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year

YAY it's a new year.This has to be one of the best days of the year it holds all of the hope and possibilities of change. This is the day that comes every year where we have a tradition of listing the things we plan on improving in our life. The first day of a new year can be like spring in your life bringing about new growth. I have read a lot of posts and talked to my friends and family of the things they are shooting for this year. Of course there is always the joke of not really completing your list. This is because change is hard and comes from a constant of working at it. I have heard you can learn a bad habit in a month but it take 3x's as long to unlearn it. All of this has made me wonder as to what I should set as goals for my new year. They should be reachable and set up like steps so I don't give up on them from frustration, but should be challenging in order for them to actually be a change.  So here are my goals
1. Drink more WATER ( I hate the stuff it is awful even the bottled stuff)
2. Start and stay of the C25K ( I hate even the thought that I might be a couch potato and not getting everything I could out of life for the sake of being lazy)
3.Run a 5k this year
4. try 3 new types of food
5.learn  how to cook new recipes of new styles of food
6.learn to allow things and people go when need be
7. take a trip with my family
8. work hard on my business and my blog
9. go to church more often, maybe even find a new home one
10. learn 4 new things
11. keep working a being a better mom and wife (this  is always on my list and in my prayers)
12. attend one anime/comic con ( yes I love the stuff )
13. Read more books
14. have a 1 week of no electronics ( I may go through withdrawals)
15. This one I will leave open for the hope of always setting new goals to reach :)
Hopefully when I look back next year I will be able to check all of these off as done. At least those goals will add more joy and fullness to my life. I don't want to live a life of could have been, but of I did.