Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fixing the kitchen and other fun tasks

This week I have a huge chore ahead of me. I am fixing up my kitchen. Starting with the floor. We had a huge leak in the kitchen and it warped the plywood and vinyl tile our landlord had put down. He was hoping it would smooth back out but it did not and so he is allowing me to fix it. I actually love jobs like this. I once ripped carpet out of my 800 sqft home, cut it up and put it my trash in in one day all by myself. I don't mind getting dirty if I can see the end out come. We are ripping up the tile, the plywood, and what is assumed to be another layer of tile and then replacing the flooring. This time with better and more water resistant products. I will also get to paint my house after that. I am so very excited. A little paint can really change the look of a room with the least amount of any real cost. BONUS my landlord is paying for it and I get to pick it out. I will take some before and after pictures to share. One not so good thing I am fairly certain about is that there is mold that I will have to handle in the floor, but better me than my kids inhaling the stuff. Especially my claire bear who has asthma. I also will be working on my site and booth space more this week. I will also get to decide what dance I will be doing at my recital with the rest of my class this week. I love my irish dance class it is so much fun. and sometime this week I am supposed to fit in a date night with my hubby. It looks like it will be a long and productive week,