Saturday, March 3, 2012

Building a better......

I love doing craft shows but I need to upgrade my booth. I have noticed that so many of the booths these days just seem to be the same thing over and over again. I want my booth space to pop out at the crowd but be welcoming, like a little haven from the rest of the show. So I am working on one that will work well in and outdoors. It also must be easy to set up and tear down. Compact and easy to haul,especially sine I currently only have my van.  It needs levels and color as well. I have to take into account I live in Oklahoma which when they sang  about the winds sweeping across the plains they were not just making a pretty song.  Also I have a slim budget for building. So I have been testing ideas and making lots and lots of drawings. I have been doing lots of discussing my ideas with my sisters, husband and anyone else who will listen. I have been dragging my poor husband up and down isles of hardware stores and display stores. I have Googled booth ideas. I have even asked my vendor group for ideas, they were as stuck as I am. It was suggested to me to look for ideas at I need more reasons to spend hours on there. I have also been working on a color scheme. Now I need to make a plan and build it. I think maybe though it maybe more fun planning than building. That is until I unveil it at my next show. That day will be awesome.

I am also working on building a better website. I want my site to be clean, trustworthy, bright, and easy to use. I am updating all my info including my shipping info. I already have no problem shipping overseas to places like Canada and Europe. I am just not sure if I should really put that on my website since it is not really not very cost efficient for my overseas customers because I use priority shipping with tracking so I can be sure it not only cuts down on the time to get to my customers but I also can make sure that they actually get it. I am working on uploading my premade items for those that want to buy something and go. I want to come up with some more clever names for my tabs.  I need to advertise my site more in more places like  For Love of CupCakes ( which by the way she has the best sponsor prices I have found so far and she really works to get her sponsors names out there, can you tell I love her!).  So in other words I am working working working.

I will say my husband is this awesome. I am so blessed :)