Monday, March 5, 2012

Guns in real life vs Tv myth

My husband and I both are capable shooters. My husband grew up using guns. We both know they are no toys and have taught our kids the same. We have set the rules if you see a gun you do not touch it unless you are being supervised at the gun range ( for our teens), our younger ones are just told to run and tell an adult. We ask our kids friends parents if they own guns and if so what precautions they take to be  sure the kids will not stumble upon them.  All guns are loaded always no matter what anyone else says.We know guns are a controversial issue and we firmly believe that it is each parents choice but we want our kids to have full knowledge of a gun and the consequences of using one improperly. GUNS ARE NOT TOYS and DO NOT MAKE YOU LOOK TOUGH.  This is where TV myth comes in. Not all guns just go off if they are dropped ( some can but most wont). Once an automatic gun is out is does not keep clicking, the slide stays open to show the gun is empty. You do not cock an automatic gun except for a few models like the 1911 and few other models. Being shot in the shoulder or side is not just a wound you can wrap and go with. Shooting the gas tank in a car will not make  the car explode. Hugging the corner to enter a room is not the most effective way to enter and clear a room except under team related instances.You can not curve a bullet, you pull your shot you pull your bullet off target hitting an unintended target. Spinning a loaded gun on your finger is not a cool trick but a very stupid and deadly act ( you will end up killing yourself or someone else). Guns really do only have a limit on bullets that are loaded and need re- loaded. 99% of people will not pick up a gun and be able to make some ridiculous shot it actually takes practice to get good at shooting. Bullets can go through walls and a car but most civilian bullets can not go through body armor and no hollow points are not armor piercing.   Shooting a gun will make your ears ring, you will not be holding some long dialogue with your opponent, well at least not easily. I wish Hollywood would not play up a gun making you a bad a** and portray them in their true form. A gun is a weapon and a tool not a toy. It also not the way you handle your problems. It is a last recourse to save your life.