Sunday, December 23, 2012

A week in review

This week was so great. Like I noted in my previous post we we the week with no TV. After the first day the kids handled it really well. We all learned  very valuable lessons.  We have decided to make it a new rule of no TV till late evening if at all .  We actually hardly missed it after the first few days.   I got so many things done this week on top of my normal. It was great. My husband read 3 books. I would absolutely suggest unplugging for week to others.  Today my older two kids preformed in a skit at their church. They did really well.  They both practiced their lines till they had them down. They learned there are no small parts in a play. Every part helps to tell the story. It was a lot of fun to see it all come together. We went to my mom's house today.It was a good time. There is talk of snow on Christmas day. I am so torn about this. It would be so nice for the kids to have such a beautiful treat but we are also supposed to go across town that day. I don't really want to travel in bad conditions. So I am torn. This year we did some home made gifts. I can't post them all on here yet because some of my readers are my gift recipients. I am very excited about how one item turned out that I made. It has lead to an idea for a new line of items. I have been working on setting up my business plan and goals for the next 6 months and then year.  I have some ideas for some new lines. I am also going to be doing some revamping of my look.I am very excited about it all.  I wish I could tell you more but sometimes things are better left unsaid and just revealed. I am so very grateful for the lessons I learned this year. I think my next blog will be on that and other things I did this year. Thank you for reading