Friday, December 14, 2012

Beauty is in the eye of the mom

I love to sketch and doodle. I have since I was younger. I thought I would show off a little doodle I did with Pixlr - Don't laugh that's not nice :) . I don't have any of my normal drawing tools on my new laptop and thus resorted to using Pixlr. I actually thought the little pencil tool had some neat tips to play with. This just a simple scene scape but a lot of times I find my self doing faces and figures. Yes I a lot of time they tend to lean towards the anime/manga or fantasy. I only do it for fun because I am not all that wonderful as you can tell.  All of my kids have picked up the love of drawing and/or painting. I love to see their creations. I of course display them from time to time. Till a new one comes a long or the picture gets mangled from being pulled down to  be looked at by the artist.  Each one has their own styles and I try to encourage their own styles and talents by showing them the types of styles similar to their and artists similar to them selves. I also show them the renowned pieces of classic art, to which I am fond of.  I will not say my kids are prodigies but I do love their work and hope that it remains an outlet for them during their lives.