Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Whatcha doing?

This year my husband and I have been blessed by a very sweet angel in our lives. They are giving my family one of the biggest gifts that has ever been offered. Something so huge I would have never dared dreamed. I was asked to not share what the gift has been but I am more thankful than they will ever know. It really does mean a Merry Christmas to my family. I do feel a lot of stress from some changes coming but I know things will be alright. There are a lot of balls in the air right now. A lot of decisions to be made, a lot of people pulling , some growth that needs to happen and things that need to be said or not said. There are people I would love to talk to but I just don't know if that door will open. I am looking forward to seeing my kids in their play they have been working on. The 27th will be bitter sweet with some very dear friends moving away on that day. I of course am still playing World of Warcraft. Love that game and most of the people I meet on there. I have been trying to grow my intellect- 2 of our wonderful Pastors have been reading and discussing  with us a wonderful book on the topic( to which we went and bought so we could study it at home)- so I bought a book by a new author ( a classic author of course) and am reading that instead of watching TV( well most of the time).  I do love the author so far H.P.Lovecraft. Very intense space Sci-Fi type stories which is amazing considering he died in1937. Trying to learn new words- to increase my vocab. Some have come from my new book and yet others from other sources. Trying to learn new topics- to broaden my view. Mostly computer, social media and web junk but a little science stuff too. Speaking of computers - I recently went over to my dad's new home to celebrate his and 3 of my kids B-days, which was way over due but couldn't be helped. I am so happy for him and my step-mom. The house is gorgeous and big enough to fit our ever growing clan 1grandparent-2parnets-4daughters-2husbands-2boyfriends-5grandkids(like I said big) not to mention 3dogs and 2 cats I think. My grandma was there It was very nice. She used to live in Florida and I really only saw her a little bit as a kid so hopefully I will get to be around her a little more now. It was great though because my kids got to see again and for 2 meet for the first time another 1 of their great grandmas. Actually the last one :(   It was a little odd not being in my childhood home for the celebration. Now both of my sets of parents have moved from my childhood homes. I do look forward to the new memories formed at the new houses.  Oh for those who know me personally and my vast capable of desert dwelling just to avoid it dislike of water.....I have been drinking my water. Sorry I have not posted much lately I have been overwhelmed lately and also haven't really had much to post about.  I have decided to make a few changes on my businesses which will mean slowing down in some areas and picking up in others. I think though the new direction is a good idea and should be in full force in no time. Well thank you for reading my blog. Hopefully will be back soon.  * Little Special side note HI DAD!!!! smiles and waves. I love you. Let's get together soon.