Saturday, December 29, 2012

Things I have learend this year

This year has been a doozie.  Filled with ups and downs. Here are somethings I learned this year.

1. Being optimistic 90% of the time takes work. Human nature leads people to be negative. There are also times that require a sober look that is not always a positive thing.

2. Being the positive person can get people annoyed with you. Especially if they are really in a funk.

3. Nurses respond better to sweetness than they do an overly tired grouch.

4. Some nurses really do make huge mistakes and you really do have to call them out on it.

5. A small out of the way restaurant is not always a jewel.

5. Homemade pizza is the best

6. Same with Spaghetti Sauce

7. Water is and forever will be gross but I can tolerate it enough to drink it

8. You are not a loon if you prepare for hardships.

9. There are a lot of preppers out there

10.  Blue Cheese tastes as bad as it smells

11. My toddlers always have very cute high pitch squeaky voices.

12. Forgiveness is not for the other person but for you.

13. The law does not always help the victim.

14. GOD  has seen me through some crap and always will

15 I have way to many clothes and so do my kids

16 Said clothes do not necessarily fit

17 I hate doing laundry in the winter ( my machines are in my detached garage)

18 Pet mice smell like old Chinese food that has been left out for awhile

19  Wood floors are a two sided coin

20  Thinking of my life with out my husband is heart wrenching

21 RA sucks really really SUCKS

22 You can call more than one church home

23 You don't have to totally agree on the details for someone to be a really close friend

24 I apparently consider a lot of people my friend to the point my sisters find it cool

25 My sisters are way more unique people than I could ever imagine.

26 Going wild with your hair is fun

27 Doing your hair can be a bonding experince

28 I love gaming

29 The widower effect is a real thing

30 HP Lovecraft was a genius for his time

31 Your mind is your intellect and therefore you should build up your mind ( Love thy GOD with all your mind)

32 Society is dumb and thus commercials reflect it -I am not going to have a "gooder" day but I will have a better day.

33. A $5 Cheeseburger is not much better than $2 one and never as good as a homemade one

34. Date nights are critical for reconnecting with your spouse

35. You have to have your own thing. It adds spice to your relationship and gives you both something to talk about

36 I get really grouchy if I am tired

37 You have to go after fulfillment in life it does not just happen

38. Trying new foods is fun until you find something gagariffic

39. Those who don't know will make judgements until they hit the same spot you are in

40 I have been blessed with really good kids

41 Just because you live in a nice area does not mean you are not surrounded by crazies or drug addicts

42 You can only help a person so far

43 Netflix and On Demand are awesome

44  Not all craft shows are created equal

45 Some show organizers are awesome and some should not be putting together shows.

46 Record Lows and Highs wreck havoc on your utilities and plans

47 It is 99% percent you and 1% them or your surroundings

48 It takes a lot to make me cry

49 It is hard to see what is coming with your head hanging down

50 Good or Bad Life is a journey. You have to make the choice.