Monday, December 17, 2012

Unplug it week

Hubby and I have been hearing a lot through the churches we have been visiting about allowing things to get in the way of how you are intended to live, like spending useless hours watching tv and surfing the internet. Also we have felt that these things have lead to stagnant empty thinking and lives. So after many discussions  we are unplugging, well for a week at least. We are doing NO TV and limited internet.
  I know you are thinking. Why not just no internet use? Well there are a few reason why. 1. My work is online and I have customers who will expect to get what they paid for this week. 2. We do a lot of research online, i.e. We homeschool and the internet is a valuable tool for gathering info.  3. Our kids use it to connect with their friends during the week.
  So we are going with limited internet use. 30 min. for which ever kid has internet use that day. Only for work for me and as needed for research.Yes there will be World of Warcraft withdrawals for me.

 Now the no TV will be hard at some points too.  Our kids whined a little when it was dropped on them this morning what the new deal is for this week. They have shows they like to watch and follow as much as we do. My husband and I feel though that this time will only stand to increase us. We feel it will bring us closer together as a family. We feel it will teach us to entertain ourselves instead of allowing others to tell us what is entertaining.  We feel it will open up previously unseen opportunities to learn something new.
         I am not saying this will be a breeze, as a matter of fact as I write this I am wondering if a new episode of my new anime series is on now. I will say though that with out the distractions of the TV or internet my productivity increased 10 fold today.  Also my home was kind of peaceful with out the "background" noise form the TV I had become so accustomed to thinking I needed, I will say the ringing in my ears was a little annoying though. Well thank you for reading.