Wednesday, June 5, 2013

16 years and counting

I can't believe it 16 years and counting. I look at a group of pictures like this and I become stunned with a flood of memories from the past 16 years. I thought I would share a few of them.
1.When lizard was an infant  her fave toy's was a soft pink flamingo and a squeaky tiger (from Winnie the pooh). She loved to chew/suck on their noses.
2.As a toddler she refused to potty train and being a a mom who had never gone through the process before I had no idea what to do. Till I found the reward /sit with mommie system. 
 3. One of her first words was Coke! To this day she prefers pop over anything else
 4. Lizard crawled into my bed at night up to 5 years old just to snuggle up with mom and even now on a rare occasion if she is not feeling well she will lay down next to me.....that is until I become to cramped and help her move to the couch where she can rest and I can sleep on the recliner.
5. One day in preschool Lizard had a runny nose from allergies and I had sent tissues with her to class for her to wipe her nose with.I told her to tell her teacher.  She kept telling her teacher she had issues. Finally the teacher asked if she wanted to tell the teacher about her issues. Lizard said well they are in my bag and I need to wipe my nose with one.  They teacher got a good laugh from it.
6. Lizard told her preschool teacher her grandma had shot a man. That was fun to explain that it had never happened and that we had no idea where that even came from.
7. Lizard would sit her Kindergarten class down in the morning and tell them a story or about something they were learning before class got started. Her teacher thought she was to cute and a natural leader.
8. One year Lizard got lice so bad from a kid at school I was afraid I was going to have to cut her hair off. It was awful. I felt so bad
9. From when Lizard was about 6 months to about 3 years, she would get terrible bladder infections. It took awhile to realize it was bladder infections since kids that small can't really tell you what is going on. Once we figured out the problem and went through a series of tests, that were just as scary for mom if not more as they were for her. We found out she had an over sized bladder and that she just wasn't getting it emptied. So to solve the problem it meant sitting on the potty a little longer and going back after about 5 min to make sure it was empty. Not fun but it fixed the problem
10. In second grade she saved her allowance during the month of November and December so she could go the schools Santa shop and buy "everyone" a present. She was so proud of her choices. I cried.
11. In school she struggled with tests,reading, spelling and math to the point of tears and frustration. Finally in 3rd grade it was figured out that she wasn't a bad student and we weren't bad parents who were not helping her do her homework, she has dyslexia. We found this out just in time for the reading lab to not be available for her. We brought her home to homeschool her. We worked with her slowly and now she loves to read even if she has to slow down and read out loud sometimes in order to get it right.
12. Before Sunny Bunny was born I had a 2nd trimester miscarriage. Lizard was aware mommie was pregnant and she would have another baby brother or sister soon. When I came home from the hospital after the miscarriage we told her that we lost the baby. Years later when Sunny Bunny was born she threw a fit when she had to go saying they were going to lose the baby in the hospital. As in actually misplace the baby. To this day I feel so bad that she went for so long wondering where the baby could be. It was explained to her that the hospital would not lose the baby. Since she could not go into the NICU with Sunny Bunny the Nurses took a Polaroid picture of Sunny Bunny for her to keep so she knew Sunny Bunny was ok. I still have the picture.
13. Her Aunt Country used to come over and baby sit her and her brother when they were little. She would run and get a brush for Aunt Country to brush her hair. She would fall asleep to her brushing her hair.
14.  Lizard has never been the kid who went to sleep easily. There was always something. One night when she was about out 9 she came out of her room and said she couldn't sleep because she had restless leg syndrome. She had seen the commercial earlier in the evening with us. We sent her back to bed. To which she grumbled that it just wasn't fair that we got to stay up.
15. I have a recording from when Lizard was about 4 of her crying to be spanked because we had sent her to her room for not obeying."Just give me a spanking"
16. Lizard used to have bad dreams. One night when I was particularly tired I went in and told her I had a special magic kiss to make her bad dreams go away. I licked her forehead kissed the palm of my hand and smacked it into the place I had licked. Then rubbed it in.  She looked at me so dumbfounded at first and then she smiled and went to sleep. For months she would ask for the  special kiss at bedtime. I know this sounds awful but guess what no more bad dreams. To this day she remembers it and has even suggested it to her younger siblings with an smirk on her face.
17. Last year she was going with her youth group to volunteer at one of our cities shelters. Every time she came home with in a day she would get a stomach flu. She loved going so much that despite knowing she would probably get sick she still wanted to go. She was usually with the little kids there and really looked forward to seeing them. I was so proud of her.
18. Lizard went with us to Falls Creek as a Pastor's kid but couldn't take part in the actvities meant for the teens. She wanted to so bad but was very content with going to get icies with us, the teens or other adults once or twice a day and getting to go swimming. Now that she is old enough she loves going to all the teen camps she can. I was nervous to let her go the first time but I do love letting her go and make such fun memories. I think they will be something she will look back on often as an adult.
19.  Bos used to tell Lizard and Brother Bear silly stories. Lizard would believe her daddies stories sometimes and even repeat them. One day her told her that when his mom was young that the world was black and white and that there was no sound. That bubbles would come out of their mouths and you had to read what people said. She went to her grandmas house soon after and asked her about the world when it was black and white. After a minute of trying to figure out what she was talking about her grandma laughed and told Lizard that her daddy was just joking with her and that she wasn't that old.
20. Lizard hit an age where she felt she was told old to trick or treat and so from then on she has gone camping with her dad on that weekend. She loves it and now so does her brother, but sometimes I miss them being with me. It was one of our mom with the kid traditions. They would go out with me to pick out their costumes and then the night of trick or treating I would take them around to collect their candy and be the hero at those houses that thought they wanted to have a guy jump and scare the little kiddies.

 I have so many more memories but this already starting to get to long.  I look forward to watching her to continue to grow and mature. I look forward to the memories to come.  Thank You for reading.