Monday, June 3, 2013

My baby is turning 16

My baby is turning 16 this week. I can't believe it has gone by so fast. In celebration and for my little Lizard I am going to have my next few blogs be all about her. This one is all about her very first Birthday and a little bit leading up to it.
   At the time DH and I were living together but not married. We were young and naive  about life. We had an apartment together. My brother stayed with us most of the time and some of our friends lived in the same complex at the time. We spent to much time being young and dumb and wild.  Then Bos  decided it was time to move forward and he was going to join the military. A few days after he finds out he is accepted I took my very first pregnancy test.  I cried because this was not apart of the plan but Bos just hugged me and told me everything was going to be ok. That we would be great parents. That I would be a great mommie. A few weeks later Bos proposed to me and the rush was on. We now had to plan a wedding and a baby on the way. Oh and Bos was about to leave for boot camp.  During that time we had our very first ultra sound. I had to pee so bad and had no idea that they would be pushing on my belly so much. The thrill of seeing our little peanut was more than worth the discomfort.  We didn't get to know the sex because it was to early.  Bos was sure it was a boy and my sister Country was sure it was a girl. We called the baby Michael ( our chosen boy name) because the baby needed to be called by a name. Not just It, peanut, or the baby.

We married in January and took our honeymoon to where Bos had spent most of his childhood before moving to the street behind mine. We had a ton of fun even with my ever growing belly and a snow storm. On the drive home I felt the first little flutter of my little one moving. I tried to show Bos but he couldn't feeling in anything yet.  It didn't take long before she was moving around so much there was no missing her.
  Bos left for boot camp but came home quickly the first signs of his RA had shown its ugly head we just didn't know it yet. Which was perfect for me. I was nervous about delivering the baby with out him there. I had moved back in with my mom so when he came home we had to stay with her for awhile while we tried to find some place to stay. All the while I was growing like a balloon.We still thought of the baby as Michael a boy and not picked out a girl name. We had thought about  Isabelle but my grandma told me she would be very upset with me if I chose that name. She knew a woman who had that name and could not stand her. So we changed it but we still had no middle name. That is till we were sitting in target registering for the baby and there was an adorable little girl playing and twirling around in front of us. Her name was Sierra. That was it. We had out beautiful middle name. Time kept going and so was my belly.
 As you can see I looked like I swallowed a ball but by then she had discovered her body parts fit in my ribs. I gained 50 pounds before it was all done. I was getting so uncomfortable. All of the birthing questions were coming up. Natural or Meds? Breastfeeding or Bottle? I was making those weekly visits with my doctor who was Eastern Indian and had the a very thick accent that I could barely understand, but I loved him.  He actually delivered 3 out of 4.  Then one visit I am complaining that my back is killing me. To which he gives my two pieces of advice first being where short heels to help balance me out and second I am 9 months pregnant it was bound to get uncomfortable. Then during the exam he discovers I have moved to a 1. I am on my way to labor. So we schedule to go ahead and induce me the next day. So that night I packed and repacked and of course all of our family is told the good news. We made plans for who would be there and when. My dad and stepmom was out of town on vacation with my younger sisters. I was a little bummed they were going to not be there, but I was to excited to dwell on it.
   The next morning we got up and Bos drove me to the hospital. We were lead to our room and they had me change in to one of those oh so pretty hospital gowns. Then they hooked up all the tubes and we got the ball rolling.
I was so uncomfortable. They didn't not tell me that you don't get the drugs right away. Also all that prodding and poking they do during labor was not helpful. In the above pic Bos is watching the machine that was showing my contractions while I was trying to focus through one. He was huge help. The other people you can kind of see is my sisters Syrup ( there pretty much there the whole time) and Country ( who got of high school to come). My mom was there ( I know think nervously)helping me keep my focus on different spots in the room.  * A little funny story at this point. The monitor had slipped off my belly and to my side with out my knowledge. I was having a mother of a contraction. Bos was looking at me worriedly and then says " the machine says it is not that bad of a contraction." To which I sternly replied " Well then it is lying" *We had a ton of family up there waiting with us including Bos's parents, his brother and 1st wife, my brother,my MiMi, and my stepdad. It was a full room and waiting room.  Everyone was ready for the little one to make their big appearance.
   The guy with the good stuff finally showed up and gave me my first epidural. That is an interesting procedure. You have to lean over a pillow as far as you ( which was not far with my belly) and then hold very still ( never mind you are having contractions and would rather not) while they put the stuff into your back. Oh but it was so worth it. I felt so much better and the then creeping labor started to speed up.
    Then the big moment came.  Everyone but Bos and my mom had to leave.  The was a flurry of movement as the set up the room and changed the bed for the delivery. The very sweet nurses had me do some practice pushes. That ended up as a funny story. I was bearing down and using these very fine handles they had attached to the bed just for that. The next thing I know my hand is flying up in the air and I hear metal clinking on the floor. I had broke the handle off. The nurses were surprised but handled it like pros. With ooh that's all right .....daddy why don't you give her your hand. While we fix this. My mom was was being supportive and took a few pictures of me getting ready for the big show. Then the doctor came in and it was time. No more pictures and all business.  He pulled up a mirror so I could see. It only took a few pushes then the doc had her head. He stopped and washed the top of her little head quickly and then she was out. We finally new she was an Lizard girl and not a Michael at all.

     She was so beautiful despite being covered in white stuff. It was love at first site. She was so tiny and quiet. She stole her daddies heart in the flash of a moment. We were finally a family. The room was changed back. The family was let back in and the cooing began as well as the pictures.Everyone had a turn holding the sweet little bundle of joy. The 7lb 1 ounce , 21 1/4 inches long bundle of joy. She had dark hair and blue eyes.

    We spent two days in the hospital. Where we learned about breastfeeding , swaddling, and diaper changing more. Bos got that first yucky tar poo. That was such an unexpected mess. He handled it so well and sweetly. I had changed diapers before but he had never really had to do it before. He was so very gentle with her like she was almost not even real. I sang to her a song that meant so much to us. You are my Sunshine and started a tradition.  My dad and step mom called in to congratulate us and to promise  to see the baby as soon as they got home. 
  The day it was time to take her home was an exciting and nerve wrecking day. Bos installed the seat while I dressed her in the to big newborn dress we had chosen for the trip home. Then I rode home with Lizard in the back seat while BOs drove home the slowest I had ever seen him drive. We went into the hospital a childless couple and came out a family. This all happened 16 years ago and yet it is all still so fresh as it happened a few months ago.  Well that is Lizard's Birthday story. I have some stories coming up of her as she grew with pictures to go with them. Thank you so much for reading and joining in on the celebration with me.

                                              Happy 16th Birthday My Sweet Lizard.