Monday, June 10, 2013

The Sweet 16 Birthday Party

This past weekend was Lizards Birthday Party. I was a so nervous for her. I wanted it to be a big deal for her. We had the party at MiMi's house. We went with a Paris City theme because Lizard currently studying French and planning a trip to France with MiMi next year. Both of them are very excited about it. I sent out the invites and information 2 weeks before the party and at that time we got a lot of maybes and nos.  A lot of her friends are her age and older so many of them had work. I felt bad for Lizard that her friends were not able to come, but then we got a lot of last minute of people calling to tell us they were coming. Whew.... what an awesome relief. We also of course had a lot of family there. So many of them were there the night she was born which made it all the more special that they were there. Lizard's youth leader came with his wife and baby and brought some of the youth. Lizard was so excited about that. Also her friend and drama leader came to the party as well. I felt bad for one of Lizard's friends. She had lost Lizard's number and tried to get a hold of her on Facebook an hour before the party but of course none of us were near the computer or the internet. Poor thing kept messaging over and over again.
  The cake was chocolate and very yummy, but the big hit was the Eclair's. Many thought they were doughnuts until we explained that they were a popular french pastry. They are filled kind of like some doughnuts but not as soft as doughnuts, so I could see why they thought they were doughnuts. They did seem a little big for a typical French Eclair but still so very good. **I found some in a nice little french cafe/market around the corner from me as we were looking for items for the party. I will be going to visit them very soon. Plus They carried my all time favorite French drink Orangina. I think thy may have carry it now in some states but not here not yet. I tastes a little like fresh orange juice with sprite but better I think. ***
 I made a pink punch recipe I found from Pinterest that I will be sharing on my Pinterest I tried It post later this month. It was super simple and very good. We also had the typical meat and cheese tray,fruit tray and veggie tray.  I feel like you should always offer non sweet things for your guests because not everyone wants or can have sugar.
 The weather was great. Warm and sunny. There was a bit of wind but this is Oklahoma and almost every other day here is windy. Especially out of the city ,where we were, with out a lot of trees or buildings to break the wind. Lizard's youth leader led a soccer game. The kids loved it. Especially the boys at the party. The girls gathered outside and did what teen girls do. Giggled and chatted. The younger kiddos soaked up the weather too. Exploring all the space at MiMi's and the time together. All of the cousins get along and love each other very much. So when they get together they instantly run off to play. Coyote played so hard she passed smooth out before we got home and for an hour after the party. I was amused by this because she never wants to sleep,EVER.
 All in All it was a great day and a great party. The only problem was our van yet again decided to break down. So that was not so fun to deal with but we did not let it dampen the mood of the day. I know someday down the road when Lizard is grown and gone I will be so glad that we had such a good party for her 16th birthday. I hope Lizard looks back on it and she smiles at the memory.
  Here are some pictures from the party. Thank you for reading. I promise I will get back to other blog topics in my next posts. I have some new projects I am very excited to share.