Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2013 Family Reunion

My weekend was full of fun laughter and family.  We had our family reunion this weekend. It was 3 branches of of one family. I am so glad I went. I hardly see my cousins and really didn't grow up knowing them so this weekend was a fun time to hang out and get to know them a little. It was help this year at Mom M's house but next year we are planning for holding it at the lake.

  We played all kinds of games.
                                         The little ones played  Musical Chairs.

 We played Volley Ball. I actually jumped in and played a little ball too. It is not my game but I still had fun. 
 We also played a hula hoop game. The little kids joined in and that made it all the more interesting.

At the end of the game there was 2 kids left and at that point chaos broke free

Then we had a couple of bonked heads
     We played a water balloon game that was fun but difficult because the wind was making if near impossible to toss the balloons over the net.

   We played  a games that were less physical too. Like pictionary and charades.   Charades was a ton of fun and it only got funnier when Syrup and one of my cousins wives started writing the things to be acted out.

The Kids played with us

Syrup having to act out one something even more silly than the picture can tell you

Pic 1 and 2 only tells part of the story here but we were rolling by the end of it.

We ate a ton of yummy food. Mom M and Dad 2 made all of the food. Dad 2 broke out his smoker and made awesome ribs and other meat. Mom M made pancakes for breakfast. Plus the loads of water, pop, lemonade and other drinks constantly put out and served to keep everyone hydrated in the hot windy weather we had this weekend. 

Of course there was a lot of relaxing and visiting with each other. The kids also played with each other endlessly.
We had set up a spot in the shade to watch the volley ball games

It was a popular spot to hang out

The sandbox was filled the day before the reunion and was a huge hit. I was surprised there was any sand left at the end.

Brother Bear with my sweet nephew watching silly youtube videos together

Brother Bear got a work out pulling the little kids around the property

My cousins wife was awesome. Next year will have a new member to coo over.

Coyote had such a good time.

Country's new puppy was better than any toy

My little Sunny Bunny with her cousin. Displaying their nick names for the volley ball games.

We did have an impromptu bit of fun. There is a very small pond down the street from Mom M's place. The kids all kept calling it the lake and wanted to keep going down there to catch crawdads. Which turned into Crawdad races.It was all catch and release.
meat on a stick and you are set to catch crawdads

and cup number one is the winner.

Brother Bear with one his catches

The daddies spent a lot of time keep watch over the kiddos at the pond.

and helping the kids get their sticks ready

of course the joined in on the fun too

We set up cups for each kid near the pond and then let them out to crawl back into the pond. Of course some crawled out on their own.

We are working on next years already. I can't wait. I am sure each year will get better and more comfortable as we get to know each other. Well I think I have shared my fun weekend enough. Do you and your family have yearly get together? I would love to hear some of your stories or ideas. Thank you for reading.