Tuesday, June 18, 2013

CraftShow Fun

This past week was super stressful getting ready for a huge show here. I did the Junk Hippy Road Show this past weekend with my sisters and my mom. I of course had my tutus there but I also had some new items like decoupaged pots,flip flops, t-shirt headbands and flower halos. I of course stressed making sure everything was just so. All of my tutus were steamed, fluffed and scented and everything else as sweet and as neat as possible. Also trying to plan out our booth set up. Syrup had furniture that she had built,pictures, lanterns and playmats, Mom M had Macrame pot holders with handmade beads and Country had her hairbows,flip flops and metal bracelets.

My tutus and Country's hairbows

Syrup's Nursery Room Picture

Country's Hair Bow

Mom M's Pot holder

  Making all of those different types of go together in the same booth took a little work, but I think we did a great job.You can't see everything in booth below and some things got shuffled before the show opened but this gives you an idea of how awesome our booth looked.

Our Junk Hippy Road Show Booth
We set up the night before. It took us a few hours to get everything up and in place enough that we felt we could go home and finish in the morning. Then we all split off in our different directions to do some final touches at home. Country took Lizard with her because she was going to babysit her niece and nephew during the show. Syrup took her hour long trek back home and I grabbed some burgers and went home to Bos. 

   The day of the show was super exciting. County had grabbed some CupCakes the night before so we could surprise Mom M. The day of the show was her birthday. We all got her different little gifts that we gave her at the show. I got her handmade soap from Dallas Soap Company. (I love their soap). Then later in the afternoon we sang happy birthday and ate cupcakes with her. It was really pretty cool. There were a ton of awesome vendors there. A lot of my vendor friends and acquaintances where in the show which made it fun to stop by them and say hi.
The day of  show always seems to fly by and before I knew it was time to break down and pack up. That is always the not so fun part, but it still had it's interesting parts thanks to my sisters. We broke everything down and hauled everything out to our vehicles. As we were loading things into my vehicle and  I was pouring sweat, my sisters found a sweet little surprise in the parking lot. They found what they thought was baby mouse and after much ado decided that one of them would take it home and try to save it. I took a closer look and it was a baby rat. Still cute but a lot of work. You have to feed them a lot with tiny eye dropper. Syrup took the little thing home and is still taking care of it.  We finished up quickly and all went home. When I got home I realized that my feet hurt and that I had been on them almost all day long, but it was so worth it. It took me a few days to recover but I have now I am off and running working on my next show.
                         This is me,Mom M, Syrup and Country. If you would like you can follow us on Facebook our group page is Ali-Kat and Friends Wonder Market. You will be able to keep with our individual shops and our group efforts there.

Well thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it.