Friday, June 28, 2013

One Busy Lady

   I have been so swamped lately with customs, setting up new websites and social media and getting ready for my next show. I have recently started doing shows with Mom M and Syrup, I was already doing shows with Country. We now needed a way to centralize things for customers since there were now 4 of us sharing our booth spaces. So we opened up Ali-Kat's and Friends Wonder Market  . I am still working on this website and one other one that is a client so I am not going to share that I am working on their website ( especially since it is not done).  The website still has a lot of kinks to work out of it, like the social media buttons not working. Oh,I also have started social media pages for us FB, Pinterest , and Google + page. So now I have 5 companies I am doing partial full Social Media for. That gets a bit overwhelming some days. I do love the work though.

   I also had a custom order come in last minute this week. I love custom orders but they do cause me to stress out a bit. Especially if I am trying to match colors to something I have not seen in person or have on me. Computer screens in the same home can large to slight variations in colors. Then you add in the crunch time of this order and I was a nervous wreck. I got it knocked out and the customer said she loved it so I am now a happy customer.
It was for a little one and the shirt it was to match had a lot of different colors in it, but I do like the way it all came together.
    Also I am getting ready for the 4th of July. I am doing a show that day. I have done this show for 3 years now and I love it. I am really excited that this year it is actually supposed to be a comfortable temperature. I just hope that the rain stays away.  Every year is so much fun. I stay all day with my booth and then my family comes up and watches fireworks with me from my booth. This year Syrup and Country will be with me. That will make it a ton of fun too. We have all been making our usual products but have been working on some new ones too. I don't have pictures of the new items yet but I do have pictures of some of the tutus I will have there.  If you are local you should come to the 4th of July Freedom Fest that I will be at. The address is on the Wonder Market front page.

  We also had family stuff this week. The normal things but also unexpected things like Sunny Bunny's eyes swelling shut. We flushed them and gave her benadryl, but they continued to swell so off to see the doctor we ran. They think her allergies have gotten worse and put her on a steroid for this reaction. She had a smaller but similar reaction about two weeks ago but the benadryl was able to control it. Now we are looking at having her allergies tested again and possibly a special cocktail shot made up for her. We have to control her allergies because they tend to set off her asthma and if they are getting worse then that could make both harder to control. I hope they are not worse and this just some kind of fluke. We will take care of it if they are though.
 So as you can see I have been a very busy lady and I see no signs of it slowing down, but I am feeling very blessed. Thank you for reading.