Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Being a better parent takes work....A book review

  As a Wife and Mom I am constantly trying to improve myself to be the best spouse or parent that I can be for them. Sometimes that drive gets lost in the day to day of life, but I always end up returning to it. They and our lives are in a constant state of change so what they need from me evolves. Thus meaning that I need to grow and evolve along with them as well.  I do not feel that just because it's not broken doesn't mean you can do a little up keep. Anything you value you do up keep and take care of. Your relationships should be no different. As a woman who wants and strives to be that ideal Proverb 31 woman I find the need to grow and strengthen my relationships through biblical means.

  As of recently I have been reading and doing the Love Dare For Parents. I have really enjoyed this book and devotional. I has you try to accomplish something small everyday. I have been adding each new dare to the ones already gone over. Which I think is the point. Being a Christian parent, I love that it is all based on scripture and building a closer relationship with your children through God.
  The whole book so far has been focused on showing Christian love towards your children and what that means. It has also covered that your children are not your own but a grand gift and responsibility. Which I find a very good point and thought to remember as a parent trudging through the day to day.

    Each dare builds you up and the ability that you can do it. You can do the dare and be a better parent. Each night it has a place for you reflect on the topic of the day and a place to write down your thoughts. Each section gives you scripture to look at. I have been using these to study and to reflect on through out the day. I also have been adding in complimentary things like The 5love languages of Children. I feel this helps to build up my ability to better show my kids love and affection in a way that will really reach them.

I would absolutely recommend this book to others. Not as a this will completely save your relationship with your children but definitely as a good step towards taking care of that relationship and an excellent way to mend areas that may be broken or just need some work.

 Thank you for reading.