Monday, July 8, 2013

A 4th of July Tradition

My July 4th was spent working and spending time with my family. It is a tradition. Every year I do a festival that lasts all day. It is a lot a fun, very hot but a lot of fun. My sister Country comes and works the show with me.

Our Booth set up

Country helping set up the booth
   I also bring my entire family with me,which I do not usually do. It makes the day stressful at points but also very special. There is always plenty for my kiddos to do. The whole event is set up in a park with lots of other vendors and a carnival. We bring a big cooler of ice and pack it full of water and other drinks. We also allow the kids to bring along a snacks for the day.

Lizard entertained us and some of the crowd with her contact juggling

Little Coyote was not happy that she was being made to sit still and cool down a little bit

Bos and Lizard playing with some spinning toys we had at the show. Also in the background you can see the crew that made our day a little more difficult. They shut down the bathroom which meant having to go across the park to use a hot stinky porta potty

One of the churches we attend is very close to the park this event was at and our kids Drama Team from the church came out and hung out with them. Which meant we had lots of teens coming and going from our space.

This was lunch and actually only lasted a few minutes. The crowd was very good that day.
 I love that I get to spend the day with my sister. She is very funny.
Country was letting Coyote take pictures of her

This near the end of the day.

  As the day went on the whole gang got in one the act of running the booth and making sales.
Lizard caught me helping a customer. Our booth was very busy

Having a fan in our booth made it a cool spot for people to stop and spend a minute.

Yes that is Brother Bear wearing a cape. He still got a girls number while he wearing it and selling glow sticks. I also caught teen girls running over to buy from him even though he had customers already.

Sunny Bunny loves selling glow sticks. She is really good at it. Plus as a homeschooling mom I find it is a good way to encourage her math skills

Lizard had her own cape and it turned into a competition between her and Brother Bear to see who could sale the most glow sticks the fastest

I love that I got to spend all day with my bet friend doing something that I love
     We did have one thing that made things interesting and fun.  We had live fish in one of my mom's macrame bowl holders.  They had to be moved around to avoid cooking them in the heat of the sun. Also people would come and stick their fingers in the water trying to touch the fish to see if they were real fish. I was surprised they were still alive at the end of the day, but they were and still are.

All in all a long day but as you can see it was a good one. Full of lots of activity,friends,family and fans.  I even had a twitter friend come out to find and a blogging friend come out to meet me. I was super excited to see them both. That night we turned off the lights to our booth and sat down and watched the firework show together.  I think I have gone on long enough about my 4th. I hope you had a day as blessed as mine was. Thank you for reading.