Monday, July 29, 2013

Zoo Trip Fun

My family loves going to the zoo, but being a homeschooling parent I like to tie in something a little educational during our visit. Sometimes I gear it more towards the older kids, sometimes towards the younger and sometimes try to make spread the gap.
   This last time we went to the zoo we only had our younger kiddos so that easily narrowed the range of who I planning for. I wanted to capitalize on Sunny Bunnies current love for taking pictures and on Coyote's desire to see a bunch of animals. So we did a Zoo Animal Picture Scavenger hunt.  I was initially going to just print one from online, but decided to just write down a few on own and not use my printer's ink that seems to always be running out.  Though I did recently find some great ones on Pinterest that looked like a lot of fun if you are looking for one to just print out and go.

I wrote out one with these animals to look for like
something Hairy

Something with Scales

Something with Stripes

Something Big

Something Small

Something that lives in the dark

Something black


Something sleeping

Something awake

something with feathers

These are just a few of the ones off of my camera. Sunny Bunny has some on her camera as well and we are making a scrapbook with the scavenger hunt out of the pictures this month so the girl not only have another fun memento for our trip but also another fun and special  book to teach them things like big and small. Our trip was a lot of fun and the girls are already planning our next trip back with another fun scavenger hunt.  If only they knew they were actually reenforcing lessons they have been taught....nah let learning be fun and natural when you can right!?! Well thank you for reading and I hope your next trip to your local zoo is as much fun as ours was.