Friday, July 26, 2013

What have I been doing lately?

So last week was crazy busy for me and my family. As a matter of fact this whole summer has been and it has been hurting my blog,Sorry guys. This whole summer has been full of vendor shows, camps for the kids, family reunions and more. Plus you have to add in the normal chaos of being a family.
 This last week Lizard and Brother Bear were off to mission camp with their churches youth group in Texas. I love that my kids get to go on such awesome trips that not only full of biblical instruction but also gives them an opportunity to help others out in acts of service. Both of them love their time at this particular camp. It is World Changers if you are wondering. The camp was on the news this year and my kids thought the lead in line for the story was amusing....Kids pay their own money to come to camp to help others. It is so just apart of life here that the thought that others would find that neat, cool or inspiring seemed funny.  Which gave me one of those rare parent moments where you get to feel like ya they really are getting the idea.
  While they were gone it gave us an opportunity to spend some more direct time with Sunny Bunny and Coyote. Which they ate up like super frosted cupcakes. Yes we spoiled the crud out of them for a whole week, but we did it frugally. The first day was full of Dr. appointments and other not so super fun things, but we made up for the rest for the week.
 The next day..We too them to see a $1 movie at the $1movie theater which is a big treat for them because going to the theater is expensive with 6 people in your family. We went to see the Croods. Which was a really a cute little movie. The girls loved belt and the cat the most I think. Lots of smiles and giggles.

   Then the next day was FREE day at the zoo, which was super packed and hotter than expected. They had a ton of fun there.  I took my camera of course and we played a fun game with the girls. That I am going to share on Monday. We stopped by all of the girls fave animals and even took in an Elephant show.  We had lunch there because it was also Way Back Wednesdays that day and hot dogs were a $1....which weren't to bad especially for a $1. I will post more pictures from our adventure that day but here are a few.
Coyote and Sunny Bunny being super sweet sisters together

Sunny Bunny and Bos waiting for the Elephant show to start.

Coyote got a little tired and hot which made us glad we brought the stroller.

They take picture here almost every time we go to the zoo

Sunny Bunny brought her own camera. She really loves taking pictures.

This goose statue looked liked it need to be sat on in Coyote's opinion

Love that not only did I get to with my little ones but my best friend too. Can you tell we love to take pictures and video in this family
The girls also had dance that night. I have no idea where they got the energy because mom was exhausted. We had allowed them to each pick out one cheap item from the zoo. Coyote got a giraffe head thing ( she loves giraffes) and Sunny Bunny picked out a cup that was on sale. She took the cup with her to dance class that night. She was very excited about and proud of her choice.

  The following day we went to the mall to go window shop and look at the girls favorite shops. Then we went to Walmart and let them pick out dinner for the night. Alfredo and was very good choice I must say. Then we picked up things Banana Sundaes. I had dance class to go to so Bos took the girls to the book store to browse for awhile and then we all met back up at home. That night we watched the original Wizard of Oz and ate sundaes.

 The next day was a rest day. Well sort of...I had a show the following day so I had to get everything together for that and we needed to catch up on some housework. We spent that evening playing and hanging out together.

  The next morning I took off for my show. Bos brought the girls out to be with me during part of it while he went to pick up their siblings who had come back into town. They loved it. One last bit of fun because their MiMi was there and they ate up the time with her.
That brings us to Sunday ( the kids had a special service in the morning...We really enjoyed getting to go to the morning service. We don't usually get to attend it at that church and it was very filling to get to. Plus it was a lot of fun hearing about all the work and fun the youth had on their trip)and then this last week was full of a much need date night and day of getting somethings done with out the kids as they went to sleep over at their MiMi's ( Coyote's first time to go all night). and then sleep overs over here, internet issues,work and more. PHEW....and this weekend is full too. So glad to have full blessed life.  Well Thank you for reading and I promise I will be back on my regular posting schedule.