Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Going Green in More Fun New ways

I have blogged before about the fact that I try to be homemade and green where I can be. I have shared my homemade laundry soap recipe before on a previous post. I have been making some little changes with it along the way. This has led to me starting to make body soap. Which I am very excited about. It is like playing mad scientist and beautician all in one. All the lovely bases, smells and colors. I also love making homemade body scrubs and soaks. Like a detoxify soak....I have even made a cute little things I can put the soak in and hang it from my faucet and let the water run through it as it fills up my tub. I have also started to try my hand at bath bombs  and solid bubble bath like the ones from lush. My kids love that stuff. Added bonus if the world falls apart I will be able to still clean myself, my family and our clothes!
      I love the company Brambleberry. I actually had bought a small little book about soap making and some of the items for making soap from them a long time ago and just didn't have the time to really put much into it back then. Now though I am moving forward with it full steam. I love Brambleberry's selection and prices. Going through their website has actually led to other new obsessions. Making my own lotion and make up.

  I have been one to do the whole homemade face masks, cleansers etc for awhile now.  I even shared a few I tried that I found on Pinterest before. Now though the whole make your own make up thing has really grabbed my attention for three awesome reasons. First  I can never find the right shade of blush, eyshadow, base etc that I have in mind, by making my own I can dink with things until I get the color I want. Secondly hate not knowing what I am putting on my face even if it looks fab on me, by making my own I will know exactly what is in it and why. Thirdly make up is to darn expensive especially for the good stuff, by making my own I can actually make a lot for the price of the other stuff. Plus I can put lots of good stuff for my skin in it. Now this leads me to the other fun new project....LOTION.

  Lotion....ahhh lotion. How I love this stuff. Again though the chemicals and crap in it that really are not good for your skin makes my shy away from using it to much.  A lot of times I just get a little bit of coconut oil and put it on. It makes my skin soft and smooth. Plus it has lots of goodness for my skin built in to it with out me adding anything. After looking at Brambleberry, Pinterest and a few blogs I have been trying some new recipes out because if I could get the benefits of other great things like lavender,primrose oil,tea tree oil as well then bring it on. Plus I am always looking for something to help my kids sensitive skin during the winter and my husbands skin which suffers due to his RA.

 I have been looking into making my own deodorant. I already like deodorant over Antiperspirant. First of all you are supposed to sweat. It is a natural function that helps cool your body and helps dump toxins. Secondly antiperspirant contains aluminum on top of other chemicals. Now whether or not believe the reports of antiperspirant being linked to breast cancer , Alzhiemr's or other conditions . You have to admit that even when places like WebMD ( which is owned by big Pharma now) tries to explain why it is ok and safe they put things like this in

 "The aluminum salts do not work as antiperspirants by being absorbed in the body. They work by forming a chemical reaction with the water in the sweat to form a physical plug... which is deposited in the sweat duct, producing a blockage in the areas that it's applied," says David Pariser, MD, professor of dermatology at Eastern Virginia Medical School and past president of the American Academy of Dermatology. "Even [with] nicks from shaving, the amount is so negligible that it doesn't make a whole lot of scientific sense."   Web Md article link
  That doesn't even remotely sound appealing to me, but hey it's safe to use every single day. It makes me wonder what happens if you don't wash it off but just put more on over the previous application? What if you don't get all washed off. How do you even know if the" plug" is even getting washed out. How often have you gotten a clogged pore on your face or any other area? Does it appear to be something your body likes? Now how about a clogged gland? ( Those of you who have breastfed can answer this) Does your body like that?

 OK I will get off my "soap box" now. Well  I don't have any pictures of my soaps or other items right now. At least none that I think are even remotely good enough to put up on the web. So I am working on some pictures and I will share some in another blog post further along down the road.

Well thank you for reading. I hope you find something to dream big about and try for yourself. Here is a last light thought to carry with you in your pocket during your day! Don't be a duplicate be an original...they are the ones that are truly priceless!