Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday Fun

Here's a little bit of zombie fun to help you get over your midweek blue. Now you can actually buy bullets to see through the zombie apocalypse.

For those of you laughing at those of us prepping for the zombie apocalypse should know even the CDC has a page on prepping and what they would do in case of just such an occasion . Check it out here 

 Now for those fine dinner occasions during the end of the world you could enjoy a glass of wine.
Source: via Autumn on Pinterest

Now of course if you don't happen to survive and actually become a zombie you too will be able to stay up on all of the current trends.

and of course remember

and just remember this folks on this very fine Wednesday.
Source: via Karen on Pinterest

 Cause if you die and turn to a zombie you will see me again only I will be carrying on of these

 Well see now that was fun. Have a great rest of your day!