Friday, April 5, 2013

Getting Ready For Spring and Summer Events

We stay very busy around here. Always some activity or event to get ready for. We are in full swing of preparing for late spring and summer events. My older two kids Lizard and Brother Bear are starting to gather items they will need for church camp this summer.
Lizard with one her BFF's at a previous church camp
lizard on a roof last year. She loved it so much
We have made a check list with things they will need ...Summer clothes they can get mess in, bathing suits, each has to have their own sunscreen, bug spray, soap, shampoo etc. So we can try to budget a little in here and there so it is not a rush or a huge hit to our budget when it comes time to get them all packed up. Also so we can use coupons or find a sale on some of the items. Which I suggest if you have kids going to camp this year. Especially if you have  more than one going. Somethings we won't know about till a few weeks before they go because this is a volunteer camp and they do work around a community. Last year it was roofing and painting which both of them loved. So for their sake I hope it is the same this year but each camp is a little different.

Sunny Bunny

 Then Sunny Bunny will have Irish Dance camp this summer for a week. Happily that is local and only a day camp so I only have to plan the time and a lunch there. However in late may is our Irish Dance Recital. Yes I did say Our for those of you who are new to my blog. I have been doing Irish dancing for over a year now and sunny bunny nearly a year. Which means getting Sunny Bunny's costumes together. Kind of behind on that but I am working on it. It also means lots of practice and learning new dances. Sunny Bunny has been learning hard shoe and the dances she will be preforming in the recital and we will be practicing a 3 hand  with mom who also takes Irish Dance with me. This will be 3 generations preforming together on stage.  That will be something special for all of us. I am learning a new dance in the adult class for the recital. Here it is being prformed by others but it will give you an idea how cool it looks. I will be honest it wears me out with all of the circles. Oh and for those who wondering this is soft shoe not not Lord of the Dance style hard shoe.

We also have a  a Sweet Birthday Party to plan coming up for Lizard. Can't belive my baby is getting so big and is starting to learn the rules of the road.  She is good kid though and I am really proud of her. We have been gathering ideas from Pinterst and family for her party. I hope she loves it what ever we end up doing. 

 get this

This all on top of planing our garden, fun field trips and outing for the kids to go along side with their class work and getting ready for Craft shows that are coming up.  Also I am working on another Pinterest I tried it post for this month so I have started trying some the spring and summer thing I have found on there. Some have gone well and others not so well. It may be more of a funny post than an informative. Well Thank you for reading.

Til next time