Friday, April 12, 2013

Girls Night In

Every month my husband and I try to spend a little special time with our kids. My husband took our son out for some one on one father-son time. Which is awesome for both of them. They get to talk guy talk and my DH gets a chance to build up his bond with his son. Them being out of the house and us only having one vehicle meant a girls night in for the rest of us. Which was perfect. I love spending some girlie time with my girls. It may not have been a night out on the town but I mapped out a fun night for us. First I bought a special dinner at the grocery store. We had a dinner made out of party snacks and appetizers.
 We had crab cakes, BBQ chicken fingers, seasoned fries, potato skins,cheese nips, miniature pies, fried chicken, spring rolls, juice, Bomb pops and a kids meal for Coyote.I didn't make it all just a little of each. We ate while we watched Diary of a Wimpy kid 3. We were stuffed by the time it was all done. The girls loved the movie. All of them from Coyote all the way up to lizard. After the movie we made a special project.
  I got the idea from pinterest. I tweaked it just a bit. We made Kool-aid Lip Balm. Here is the link to the Pin I got the idea from.
 get this
I took  pictures of how we made it. 

We used Cherry and Mango/Peach Flavored Kool-aid, reused old makeup containers and coconut oil

This is where I made the change. I heated the oil on the stove instead in the microwave.Careful not to make it hot only warm.  When it started melting I stirred in the Kool-aid

We stirred the mixture till the Kool-Aid was well blended in and then poured it in to the containers. The I put them in the fridge to let them cool and set up.

 The girls loved it. It tasted a little tart but over all sweet. It did turn our fingers a little red. I took a picture of the finished product but it didn't turn out and Coyote got fuzz in the container. So no picture but it does mean we get to do this project together again. It was really simple and the bonus is coconut oil is so healthy and wonderful for skin and the chapped lips. Also it means if my girls lick it off (which they did) there are no hidden chemicals. In all I think we had a better night in than the boys did out. 

Thank you for reading.