Friday, April 26, 2013

Pinterest I Tired IT 2 and A Link Up Party

Last month I started doing a monthly post of the pins on Pinterest that I have tried. I use Pinterest to find crafts, home remedies, homeschooling ideas,and just for fun. A few nights ago Coyote got gum in her pretty hair. Her daddy and I were upset but fortunately I pinned a pin just for such an occasion.

get this
We used the Peanut Butter method and while a bit of a mess. It worked like a charm. The gum came right out with out any painful pulling or cutting. We did have to wash her hair about 4 times to get the peanut butter out of her hair but still better than what it could have been.  There are other tricks and tips on the site this pin came form and on other pins for those of you who are themselves or have kids who allergic to peanuts. 
I have been making new items for a few months now and one of them lace crowns.  Yep I got the idea from Pinterest but I ended up tweaking the method just a little bit to make them more one of a kind and because I am forever tweaking things to see what happens. I was not happy with how the glitter effect was coming out so I tried this wonderful pin.

 get this
I mixed modge podge and glitter together.  Now this take some practice and tweaking to get the right amounts for your project but after using on some of my lace crowns I have also used it on other projects. Simply because one can never have enough glitter :)

finished lace crown with glitter
   Now on to cleaning. I love all of the home made cleaner recipes you can find on Pinterest. Not only do many of them work but they are a lot of the time greener than many of the commercial products. Plus a whole lot cheaper. Honestly who doesn't like cheaper,greener and getting just as good results? Well I decided to try the pin on using peroxide and baking soda method to clean a well used cookie sheet.
get this
 Notice the nice clean spot with all that build up removed. Well I don't know if I did it all wrong but it just did not work for me.  Maybe I needed to give it more time. She gave hours so maybe that is the key but I gave it 30 min and it just did nothing. Then again maybe I just need a new pan. Hmm Mother's Day is coming. 
   Well last but not least I like to leave this post with recipe I tried from Pinterst. Now I always mean to get a picture of my finished result ( especially for all my google+ friends who are foodies) but frankly by the time I finish cooking for the size of family I serve my family is usually in the kitchen whisking away the food because someone is just starving to death. So maybe hopefully one I will get pictures but I am not holding my breath on that.  Now I do like the in depth recipes but more often than not I go for easy so I can get the meal done quickly around my families constant motion. So this month here is my super simple recipe I found on Pinterest recipe.
 get this
 You simply take a 1-2 cans premade of cinnamon rolls( I used the regular small ones for mine) stick them in the waffle maker and let them cook. Then I took the frosting warmed it a bit added syrup . Once the mixture was ready I drizzled it over the waffles. I tired this as a weekend treat and it was an instant favorite. I liked how easy it was to make and the relatively  small mess versus making regular waffles.  Well I hope you enjoyed seeing what I made from Pinterest. Now that I have shared with you why don't you share your posts that are Pin worthy with me and anyone else who visits this post. 

Link up  Anything you feel like (except x rated stuff this is a family friendly blog)because you can find it all on Pinterest so why not share it all!! The only thing I ask is that you share this Link Up Party!