Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Family Easter

My little family and I had so much fun this Easter and the week preceding it.  I took lots of pictures of all of the fun. First we did a craft but my little coyote ran off with them and hid them before i could get a half decent pictures of them. That is ok though because the point was to do something together and have fun, while discussing Easter. That was accomplished.  Later in the week we dyed our Easter eggs. We bought the kids 3 dozen eggs and set up 3 different dyeing stations on the table.
You will have to excuse the table and the mess in the back as this really is our family table. I do my work and crafting on it, we eat on it, home-school on it, craft on it, play games on it and a million other things too. So it has seen better days and yes there is a mess on it that is always being cleared away or moved about, but there is a lot of  evidence of the love around that table.  This was 2 of  the 3 egg dyeing stations. We had marble effect, bright, and a Qtip dyeing station. We reuse the glass jars you get from food items for crafting and those cheap cups you can get from Walmart for parties. I used almost every single one of them in this adventureThe kids had a blast

Coyote Qtip painting her first egg

Coyote dip dyeing 

One of the eggs got stuck.

Did I mention we had a decorating station as well.Glitter was everywhere.

Sunny Bunny kept turning on me when I tried to grab a picture but she had fun

Even Brother Bear got into. Notice the look of concentration haha

Yes even lizard came around.

some of our finished eggs
 My hands were a mess after our egg adventure but well worth it. Also surprisingly  there is only a few eggs left.  Saturday night the Easter bunny came to our house. He comes a little early to our house and hides the basket so our kids can find them before they go to bed. Our Easter is usually so busy that we have started doing it this way. Plus it helps to keep the focus of the day in the right place.  
Brother's Bucket

Coyote's bucket under the chair  and Lizards Bucket in our coffee table.

Sunny Bunny's bucket in a corner behind a bin

Lizard looked everywhere for her's even in the dishwasher
The kids had a really good time looking for their baskets and loved their little gifts. They got items like glow sticks, silly string, crayons and yoyo's. They each got a ring pop but we just did not want to give our kids a ton of sugar that we would have monitor later.
 Saturday we also spent time with DH's parents for Easter. We played games and had  dinner together.We played a new game "Would You Rather" It was so much fun. We all laughed so hard over some of the questions and the others surprising answers.

Easter Sunday Sunny Bunny  and Lizard went with their DH's parents to their churches service and the other accompanied us for the morning. It was a good morning and that after we had all the kids back together we went to My mom and stepdad's for lunch and family fun over there.  It was a lot of fun and the kids loved playing with their cousins and the surprise guests their Aunt Country brought.  They brought a baby bunny and some chicks.

Coyote getting ready the Easter egg hunt at Mimi's

She had so much fun

Brother bear pulling Coyote and Cousin Bird around in the wagon

Cousin Firecracker had to get in on trying to be a big boy

Lizard helped Coyote with the bunny

Sunny Bunny hula hooping for her MIMI and aunts and uncles

my sweet little Coyote

Brother Bear is such a good kid. Always willing to play and help with the little kids

Lunch Time

Kicking the ball around

The baby chicks were a huge hit

Coyote hardly ate. She was so excited to play. Plus MiMi made cake.

Cousin Bird and Coyote had so much fun together

Lizard with her nose in a book or napping. She is a teen.

Sunny Bunny holding a bunny

Sunny Bunny playing ball with bug

 It was a very full and busy day. We didn't make all of our usual rounds but we will see more of the clan soon I am sure. I hope your Easter was as full of blessings as mine was. Thank you for reading.