Monday, April 22, 2013

Relationship Challenge Part 1

I want to start a challenge to all my readers and other bloggers. I want to challenge each other to grow and to lift up those around us. This week I want to start with our spouses. I know we are not all blessed with a marital mate and not all are blessed with one that we feel like raising up and cheering over. There some instances where you should help them by separating from them like Abuse. If you are an abused spouse ( men get abused too) please seek help now. Here is a website that can help  or contact your local church. There are people willing to help you if you let them. That being covered and said let's move forward. Did you know that the bible tells husbands to love their wives and wives to respect their husbands because these things are out of our nature. If you are looking for a good read check out Love and Respect . This book covers that notion and more. Wives we don't realize the power we hold in our marriage and it's quality by simply allowing our husbands to feel respected even if we don't feel he currently deserves it. The thing is many of us don't know how to show that respect/ love our spouses on a daily basis. So this is step 1 of our challenge and it is really easy.......Ready? Ask your spouse to write down 10 simple things that you do or could do to make them feel love/respected ( *note to those making the list you may like gifts but those are not daily things. Think of daily things they can do. We will get to gifts at another time). Now do... pick one or two and do them everyday. That's it! You may be surprised at what makes your spouse feel good.
  Now on to step 2. Remember when you where dating and how you wanted to shout it from the roof tops how special your guy/girl was. After marriage we tend to let life get in the way and forget those special things we love so much about our spouse. They get clouded by those pesky little quirks that drives us Bat Poop Crazy about our spouse. Here is something to remember when it comes to that....What you see as a fault someone else will see as a strength so try to step back and see it from  that point of view before you lose it for the 100th time over the dishes in the sink because your spouse got wrapped in some other activity.  Do you tell your spouse the things that are endearing about them in your eyes? Do you even know what those things are anymore? That brings us to Step 2...  Write a note telling them. Let's shout it from the tops of the World Wide Web. If you have a blog then write this there other wise just write a simple little note on your fave social media site of the things that you adore about your spouse.

Here is mine
Dearest BOS
I love the way you can make me laugh even when I am in my grumpiest mood. I love how much you love to read and grow your mind. I love your deep brown eyes. I love how I can come into the living room and know that you are either watching some sort of typical guy show/movie or a documentary. It is cool that you love to paint and write. I love how excited you get taking pictures of all our family functions and events. I love that you have heart to lead our family down a good and straight path. I love that you have a heart for God. I love how much you care about other people. You have a big heart and become fast friends with people you meet so easily. I know that I can always count on you to be there no matter what. I know that if I'm wrong you will set me straight and not just be a yes man that makes me feel secure in knowing that if you agree that you really do feel I really am right. I love that you take it seriously to honor your parents and how much you want to help take care of them. It is beyond cool that you will let me play games to all hours and then listen intently while I fervently tell you the highs and lows of my most current battle. It also rocks that you made sure my internet speed was fast enough so my gaming would be seem less interrupted . You are the confident straight laced to my awkward laid back off beat. I enjoy how much we play and joke with each other. I love how supportive you are to me with out being a sucker to my whims. Every day with you is the new best day of my life and we should get jersey's cause we make a good team :)  I am grateful to have a fully plugged in partner in raising our children. I like how different you are from me.  I look forward to another 16+ years with you.

See.....Easy! and there are no rules just go with it. The point is it is from you to them about them. Now go write yours and then share it here if you would like to. *note  I know this written with spouses in mind but if you are still only dating you can still join us and build a strong relationship from the get go, while the rest of us give our marriages a little tune up.* Also go visit those who have linked up and say hi.
Thanks For Reading.