Monday, April 1, 2013

I love being a mommie

My DH and I have 4 wonderfully awesome kids. It amazes me how each one has such unique look and personality. They have since birth. I love being a mom. It has been the greatest gift God has given me. It also the most stressful, fear inducing, patience testing, and whirlwind of a gift I could have ever been given. I can not believe Coyote is already 4 and even more than that Lizard is going to be 16 this summer. Time just goes so fast for a parent. Somedays I wish I could just freeze them where they are, but my job is to raise them. To lead them to be responsible upright adults. DH and I love having a large family and know that one day we will miss hearing itsy bitsy spider coming out of the back of our van as we drive down the road. Hopefully we will be  as blessed as our parents are with lots of grandkids to play with after our kids grown ( not to soon though I am not looking for any chances to be staring in a MTV reality series). Happily though we our family is growing.
Yes we are pregnant! I am a little scared and nervous as this was most definitely not a planned baby but I am also very excited. Hopefully this pregnancy won't be as hard as my last one. My last pregnancy I was so miserable it was hard to enjoy it. Though I will start stocking up on my stash of diapers from Diaper swappers and etsy. I do love some baby fluff and those two places you can get them for a good price.  I have always sang to my little ones and  I think it would be fun for all my little family to learn to sing Día de tontos de abril. You should look it up you will really like the words. It is so sweet.  Well Thanks for reading.