Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Family Time is Precious So Soak It Up

The warm spring weather has been so much fun to enjoy with my family. Family time doesn't have to be in front of the TV or even inside.It doesn't need to cost you anything but your time.  As the weather has been warming up we have been moving more and more of our time outdoors.  I made a collage of some of the things we have been doing outside.

1.Lizard had lifted Coyote up to help her reach a "perfect" leaf.  She is always on the look out for that perfect flower or leaf to pick. 
2 -4. Are pictures from an impromptu game of how far can you throw the water bottle. We were out on a walk on one of the walking paths/parks in our small city.  Brother bear accidentally flung his water bottle and in that moment the challenge to see who could toss it the furthest was born. 
5. While sitting in our front yard a lovely hot air balloon floated by. The kids were enamored and it opened up the topic for the types of air travel over the ages.
6. Bos knows how to juggle and Sunny Bunny wanted him to teacher how. It has been watching them together.
7. This bush is the worst smelling bush. We pass by it on our walks in the evening because it is just down the street from us and on the way to the park. It smells like warm old dog food and cat urine. The smell permeates half the block. It's terrible and I can not for the life of me not figure out why someone would not get rid of the stinky thing. My kids run from it when we walk by. It really is that bad.
8. All of the walking paths and parks in our little city have working water fountains. Coyote loves stopping to get a drink from them.  She looks so cute up on her tip toes reaching up for a drink.

  As you can see family time doesn't need to be planned to be fun and a little adventurous. You just need to get together and often.  The fun will happen on it's own. I personally love drinking up the small moments in my life. The time with my family is precious and the only thing that is finite and infinite at the same time. You have so little of it to live but the memories you create with others in your life can last beyond your own lifetime. Well I hope this inspires you to get out there and make some memories and to enjoy the small things in life like family time. Thank you for reading.