Monday, May 6, 2013

I'm on Etsy and I am running a Mother's Day special

    Having a small business should reflect who you are and be something the you like to do. Something that inspires you to keep going.  You can find my shop at craft shows which are listed on my website and on Etsy. I love being on Etsy. It really is a great community to be a part of. This week for Mother's Day I am running a special on Etsy. Use this Coupon Code....MOTHERSDAY13 when you order to get 10% off all orders of $10 or more
   I make a really eclectic array of items. I started them all with inspirations with in my own life and go from there. I love that most of them can be for everyday use or special occasions and events in your life. My tutus are great for inspiring imaginations during playtime, as sweet gift for a baby shower or a little birthday girl who loves princess and fairies. They are also great for photographers who want a sweet and easy photo prop, costumes or for flower girls in your wedding. They are just one type of product in my lines of products. Here is some pics of some of the types of items in my shop.

  * If you do order from send me a picture and a recommendation I can use. I love to hear from my customers and to see my items in use.
  **Photographers/Models/Brides I have special just for you. Contact me for more info.
 I have been running my current business for a little while now and just like everything else in my life I tweak it here and there. Making changes to make the whole thing just right and to reflect me. So you will a shifting here and there in where you find my products to even the types of products I carry. 
  I run my business to help my family. Hopefully it will grow big enough some day to really support us in a bigger way than it does now but I feel blessed in the ways that it does already. I love doing the business because of all the new people I meet. Some from far off lands. To know that some little girl is twirling around in one of my tutu dresses in England is simply amazing to me.
 Well thank you for reading.