Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Life with Asthma

    My little Sunny Bunny has Asthma and sometimes we have to make adjustments and preparations. Our goal is that she live as normal and active a life as possible. Her doctor was hopeful she would possibly out grow it and thought some of it was from her lungs being undeveloped and being filled with liquid and blood at birth. The odds are this is permanent for her becasue she rapidly reaching an age where the doctor will call it a permanent condition. She has a nurse assigned to her that calls weekly to check on her asthma. This is so that we can make an effective asthma plan with the doctor. We have learned her triggers and how best to avoid or control them. She has learned to be able to be able to tell us when her breathing is bothering her. We have learned tips and tricks for handling asthma. Like hardwood floors, changing our air filters every 3 months, a coke is helpful when she has wondered off with out her emergency inhaler but to be avoided when she is on her Albuterol (talk about wound up). This is now just a part of life for us and her.
  We recently had our dance recital. That was so much fun. I loved being able to preform with her and my mom. I loved watching her in her first recital. The smiles and joy on her face were beyond priceless. I can't wait till she preforms her summer one from her Irish dance camp.  It was such a great bonding time. There was a little of a stressful edge though. She kept having minor attacks during the dress rehearsals. I think it was the heat and the length of the rehearsals on top of the lovely spring allergies.  She is allergic to just about  everything that grows around us plus cats and dogs. She had her emergency puffer and that kept things under control and she was able to enjoy her time.

 During last weeks Tornadoes outbreaks we had to leave our house because we had 2 different hook echos lined up to hit our home. Our home is not the best type to ride out a strong tornado so we leave and seek better shelter if we have the option to. Thankfully we were not hit. One went north of us and one was burned out because the storm that hit Moore Oklahoma drained it's energy. Like I have said before we pack go bags and we had packed her emergency puffer and her asthma steroid. Just to be safe and sure. She didn't have an attack but it was good to know we had it just in  case.
   Even normal childhood activities like sleepovers require making sure she has not only a toothbrush,pjs and a pillow but also finding out things like do they have pets or what activities are planned? If they have pets then extra allergy pills are sent along with her asthma medications. She knows how to take her meds on her own now but I always like to tell someone in charge and write it on all the meds just in case a big one hits her. We have had more than a few ER trips in her little life. Especially before her diagnoses. It has made a few friends and even a few family members nervous about having her stay over but they have quickly seen what we know. She is a little trooper. Plus she talks way to much to ever be able to completely lose her breath. haha. Yes I do make jokes about it. This is life and no point in being serious and freaked out all the time about it.
   I will admit there are days and nights that I still freak out. Days that are really bad for her and nights when she has a cold. I had a friend who lost one her twins to asthma over night before Bunny was born. The grief she went through has stuck with me. So yeah sometimes I don't put my trust in GOD like I should and I fret over my daughter even when I know I have done all that I can to prevent things. Most days though are just our normal flow with no huge worry about her being ok. Just life being lived and normal precautions being taken.
   Thank you for reading.  Sorry for being gone for a little while.