Monday, May 13, 2013

Outdoor Fun During A Garage Sale

The warm spring weather was just perfect for outdoor activities this weekend. We soaked up the sun while we played and ran a garage sale this weekend.  Garage Sales are such an awesome way to earn a little extra cash and get rid of some of the things you discovered you don't really want or need during all of your spring cleaning. There is a lot of work going into a garage sale. You have to go through your stuff, price your items, post it some where, make a few signs, get up early on your weekend to set it up and then after sitting outside all day you have to drag somewhere to put it up.  We had to have one in order to raise the funds in order to pay some bills due to some car troubles for us and then Bos's parents ( whose car broke down 3 times). These things were not in our budget.  We had a good time during it though. Spending the time playing out side and enjoying each others company. We had to put some of their things in the sale. They had a blast with it because they were allowed to keep the money from their sold items.

  While we were out side I went ahead and tried a pin on how to make sidewalk paint from Pinterest. I did adjust the recipe to 2 parts Cornstarch and 3 parts water to five drops of food coloring. *Tip... make only one color at a time other wise the cornstarch clumps together on the bottom making it hard to mix. 

 I love the recipe because it was very low cost and is nontoxic. All of the ingredients are items many of us already have in our kitchen to use in edible recipes. I mixed up my batch in  cupcake tin.
I also blended the colors to make orange and purple for them to paint with. I provided a cup of water for rinsing their paint brushes between colors.

The girls grabbed some of their craft paint brushes and went to town.At first I was very unsure the recipe was going to work very well, but it ended up providing a enough color to be well worth it.

Even Brother Bear got in on the fun. After a little bit they took their water squirter ( it is in the picture below and it only cost a dollar at our local dollar tree) to suck up the paint and paint big pictures. That made the paint even more entertaining for them.
When the paints dried they turned in to some very pretty neon pastel colors. I thought it was actually very pretty so in days it doesn't get removed right away it will be at least look like pretty art and not a mess. Well that's my theory at least, a mom can hope right. haha

Another awesome bonus to this paint recipe is that it washes away super easily. Removing all evidence of the messy fun that had taken place.

I give this recipe two big thumbs up and will be using it again. Thank you for reading.