Thursday, May 30, 2013

For One Night Only 3 Generations On Stage .....

Top left to right: Riley trying a step (Our teacher shows some of the audience how to do a step), Sunny Bunny during a practice break having fun with a friend, Sunny Bunny back stage, Our 3 hand reel Center:  3 Generations Preforming together!  Left Side top to bottom: Riley and Grandpa D waiting for the performance to start, Adult dance, Adult dance, Sunny Bunny's feet  Right Side top to bottom: Our 3 hand reel, Sunny Bunny picture for cat dance, Sunny Bunny on stage before practice, Sunny Bunny visiting with friends before a group photo Bottom 3 middle photos: Sunny Bunny performing a jig, Sunny Bunny and her Honey pot dance, Sunny Bunny and her cat dance.

       This month was mine, my daughters and mom m's dance recital. We all take Irish Dance classes.  Sunny Bunny takes classes on her own. She takes hard shoe and soft shoe classes. While Mom M and I take the adult class together. Which is a lot of fun and a great way to burn some calories. Especially when we have performance coming up and our teacher gets us into a drill mode to get us ready.

   We practice every week for an entire year and then at the end of the year is the recital. The kids are pretty much expected to preform but our teacher lets us adults decide whether or not we want to preform. Which for some reason I always do and convince myself it was fun and not stressful or embarrassing at all. The first year was dreadfully embarrassing but afterwards all of the parents and families cheered for us and gave us such huge compliments. So it was less horrible than I was thinking it would be. We even had some new people try out the class because of it.

   This last year Sunny Bunny started dancing so this was the first year to be able to preform with her. This meant that there was 3 generations preforming together on the stage. We all had different performance sets.There was of course the school group dances but also individual class dances. There was another adult who preformed with us and our teacher. That dance was/is a nightmare but so fun. Then near the end Sunny Bunny, Mom M and I all preformed a 3 hand together. Which means it was just the 3 of us doing our dance together.

  I was so happy to get to preform with them like that. I hope to remember it always but I have pictures for when the memories start to fade. I know some day hopefully far off I won't have my mom to do things with, so the times I get now I grab up. I also know that someday far to soon Sunny Bunny will be grown with a full life and we may not be able spend as much time as I will want with her. So I grab up all the time I can with her too. Hopefully also this performance will be something she looks back on fondly too.So if you were wondering if you should take that ******* class or are you to old? or would it be weird to do **** with my daughter/son? I say in most cases no. I would say jump in  and have fun and if you get the privilege to do it with your kid then soak it up.
This summer Sunny Bunny will be moving up in class and going to camp. I will be sweating it out in my class this summer as well and maybe just maybe working towards another performance. I hope you will be doing something that you really enjoy and making some awesome memories too.  Thank you for reading.