Thursday, March 14, 2013

1 Busy Family

    I have been very busy already this week so busy this post is going up a day late. Monday we ran around town looking for knee high white socks and a white shirt for sunny bunny. Tuesday Sunny Bunny and I both preformed for the local EWI. Check out the videos above see a little bit of our performances. I was a nervous wreck but I had a lot of fun. I can't wait to do it again. I was so proud of Sunny Bunny. She did so good. She was bummed because a little girl she was supposed to preform a 3 hand reel with got sick and didn't come to the performance so she didn't get to do her 3 hand, which is one of her faves. I have to admit it is a lot of fun. I really enjoying that Sunny Bunny and I have something special that we can do together. I feel like it is something to bond over and let her have that moment with mom that is all about her, that kind of thing can be hard at times with 4 kids.
   Today was all about getting the kiddos ready for their Wednesday night church classes,doing laundry,paying a few more bills, cleaning house,shaving the dog, getting a menu made up and groceries bought on top of the normal schooling, feeding the kids, wrangling my kids etc. I got the kids ready, their laundry done ( actually got my teens on it as they are now responsible to get their own clothes clean.....Responsibility),house was picked up for a little while ( it never lasts) and then the kids left with their Gparents for church. DH paid the bills and shaved the dog ( while I held him.It happens every month but he still acts like we are killing him) We made up a menu together and went to the grocery store while the kids were gone. I made dinner for us and dessert. I found desert on Pinterest. You can find the recipe From Dawn's Quilt Corner or I Dare You To Eat It. Tips don't stir it to much and do not lick the batter of the spoon unless like a good zing to the mouth. My family really enjoyed it and I loved how easy it was to make.

Work Work Work. This week I also have been working on some new tutus. Fixing and cleaning up the photos so I can upload another listing to Etsy. Tinkering on my website a bit more. Some Custom Orders were mailed out this week as well. Of course coming up with a blog idea or two (Ta Dah I am a literary genius haha)

The rest of my week is looking full with dance class ( one must practice in order not to appear completely fullish when preforming in public) and start cleaning up the back yard for spring and summer. Something on Friday that I have currently forgotten which is a little irritating because I keep forgetting what it is.  A Birthday party for one of my nieces on Saturday ( I made a custom hat for her and I can't wait for her mommie to see it. I will post pic.s after she does) and Lizard has derby practice ( She loves it so much and I can't wait till I can go cheer her on at her first bout). Sunday is church and drama (That day is always a little hectic but I look forward to it every week).  I am also certain a few other things to do will slid in there as well. Thank you for reading.