Monday, March 18, 2013

Pinterest I Tried It

Thanks to Pinterest I have found so many wonderful and crazy things to try. Some work out better than I expected and some not so well. I am going to start sharing ones I try and my thoughts on them. You will also now be able to follow a board on my Pinterest account of things I have tried from Pinterest Pins ( * side note I just started the board so I will be adding Pins that I have already tried in the past but they will not have my thoughts on them)

 Blue Dawn to Kill Fleas 

I tried this because we have been already dealing with fleas this year and the flea preventive and shampoos were not cutting it. This is the website that the pin came from. This Pin listed multiple things Blue Dawn worked for and killing fleas was one. This is how we tested it.  Week 1 we washed our dog in Flea Shampoo .....still fleas put flea preventive the next day.....Less Fleas but still Fleas. Then We waited a week couple of weeks. Week 2 We washed him in Blue Fleas. Also no skin irritation. We will still be putting flea prevenetive on our pup but we will be washing him in blue Dawn soap.

NEXT      Blue Dawn and Vinegar TUB CLEANER

Photo from actual pin and website

I am always looking for a way to effectively clean with out using harsh chemicals. Two reasons 1.Sunny Bunny has Asthma and these products can cause problems for her. 2. I like to be able to know at least in part what I am using.  I was skeptical when I saw this Pin. but new vinegar does have many uses for cleaning.  Unfortunately your house tends to smell like you pickled it if you use vinegar to clean with. This is the website the pin is from. I mixed up some of the mix and was pleasantly surprised with how well it worked. It still smelled of vinegar but no to bad. It did remove soap scum and made the spout and handles nice and shiny, which is huge in my family( with 2 adults and 4 kids that is a lot of bathing)

Lastly  An Easy Natural Blackhead Remover

image is from Pin and website
This is the website the Pin is from. I try to be green or natural even with hygiene type items, especially as a mom of 3 girls. If I can avoid putting chemicals that may or may not really be helping on my face and theirs I want to. Also the experimentation leads to some really fun times. I tried this one before my nightly shower so that if I got the honey or lemon in my hair I could wash it out with out getting stickiness everywhere ( I have kids for that I don't need to add to it). Lizard followed me in laughing at me because I was carrying in a whole lemon, knife and a jar of honey. I did what the site said to do. It smelled nice and as my face warmed  and slowly melted the honey lemon mixture it tasted nice as well. It was a mess but not as bad as I was a afraid it would be. I did not have any irritation and my face did feel nice and soft. The blackheads on the other hand, Lizard and I both decided we really did not see a difference. We may try this one again during a girls spa night ( because there were a lot of laughs during the experiment and I am always on the look out for something fun to do with my kids)but I don't have any hopes of it working.

I am going to wrap each of my Tried It Pinterest Posts up with a recipe from Pinterest

 Gonna Want Seconds

image from Pin and Website
I am always on the look out for something to expand my families meal choices, but are also easy to make. This is the website the pin was from. I chose this one recently and I did do a little tweaking to it based on my families preferences. I used only half an onion, 1 can of diced tomatoes and 1 can of corn. I also added some Creole seasoning only a tsp. I was so thrilled I did not need to increase to adjust for a bigger serving size(* I frequently need to because of the size and age of most of the members of my family) It made a lot which is perfect. I love leftovers. This means that one meal becomes two meals with out extra effort.My family loved it. All of them which is something of a feat at times.  My family did prefer it the first night of the left over night so I won't be letting it refrigerate overnight before serving it but try it your family may prefer it.
 Thank you for reading.